Something MONSTROUS Is Taking Place IN North Carolina!


According to the Charlotte Observer, “monstrous” mosquitoes 20 times larger than normal have been swarming in the Carolinas following Hurricane Florence. This “mosquito-pocalypse” (dubbed by USA Today) follows directly after power outages affecting millions in the Carolinas, along with historic floodwaters inundating towns.

But what if I told you these “monstrous mosquitoes” are potentially more than just “monstrous?”

What if I told you this “mosquito-pocalypse” is actually the byproduct of biological warfare and Operation Depopulation via your Government, Military, Corporations, and other Alphabet Soups?

And what if I told you that your Government and Military have been working with genetically modified mosquitoes and secretly stockpiling for a long time, as they prepare for national health catastrophes? Could North Carolina be another “test run?”

Is it a surprise or coincidence considering how all of this is occurring DAYS before the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) coordinates their Emergency Alert System (EAS) AND Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) national tests, scheduled for Wed. October 3rd, 2018?

WHAT, OR, WHO, Is The REAL Cause Of All This?!?!