Something to point out to some of the Bernie supporters that are upset about the obvious rigging that’s happening… again

Sharing is Caring!

by blaaaahhhhh

You’re getting eaten by the monster you helped create or allowed to grow.

For those of you that supported Hillary Clinton after Bernie Sanders was rigged out of it last time, you ignored all the warnings and ‘conspiracy theories’ about Share Blue, Control the Record (CTR), the outrageous censorship on Reddit, YouTube & other social media platforms & mobile app stores and also the very obvious political shill farms that tried their best to assist Hillary Clinton in the online arena/Great Meme War of 2016.

You were happy to either turn a blind eye to it or support it because they were supporting ‘your guy’. Now it’s biting you back.

You no doubt downvoted or reported posts exposing these things, such as the share blue playbook pdf (which is the most obvious example) and probably even assisted in helping it play out.

Now you’re the other side of it.

I forget that old adage about ‘when they came for x, I was not a x, so I did not care’, but it seems fitting.

Maybe everyone now needs to come together and try and stand against censorship, no matter what the viewpoint that’s being censored is (with the exception of free speech laws already in place, like no calls for violence).

It’s likely that isn’t going to happen though, because the truth is that things like the share blue playbook worked too well and too many people have cognitive bias in the current political climate. People are still convinced The President is a racist, without actually being able to recall a time when he was racist, while ignoring the huge amount of examples against it. The die-hard trump supporters no doubt have similar examples.

Nobody knows what the future holds and it doesn’t look good, but we all face it together. Gotta find common ground somehow. And fast.



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