Sometimes you have to look at what's not being reported by our mainstream media to see the Deep State at work.

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by AIsuicide

Recently, General Mattis made a very important statement regarding the fact that he had no proof or evidence that Assad used Sarin gas regarding the Khan Sheikhoun incident in April of 2017.
The fact that I can’t find a single article/news piece by CNN, MSNBC, CBS or ABC (I leave out FOX for obvious reasons when it comes to criticizing Trump) asking a very logical question is highly disturbing.
That question is this: If there’s no proof then why did Trump give the order to launch cruise missiles at a Syrian government military base?
Why aren’t they asking the question? It’s simple, because then they have to address the next logical question…who’s intelligence was Trump’s decision to launch based on?
The media at this point in time are so committed to helping the intelligence agencies appear to be completely trustworthy that they would allow this whole thing to just be swept under the rug.
The fact that most of them strive constantly to find anything and everything to criticize Trump about 24/7 and yet fail to criticize him on this huge incident is extremely telling.
That…is the Deep State at work…right before our eyes..the mainstream media and the major intelligence agencies colluding in their ongoing effort to create legitimacy for each other, while at the same time conducting open warfare on any alternative source of information that does not align with their agenda.
Think about this..think about the implications and what it means we are actually facing now.
There is no rational reason they shouldn’t be calling Trump or the intelligence agencies out on this.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to look at what's not being reported by our mainstream media to see the Deep State at work.

  1. “we are an empire now, when we act you will be left to study what we do then we will act again and you will be left to study that” or something close .
    The only true statement from TURD BLOSSOM!!!

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