Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, It’s Over…

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Once, we dominated the world, in all areas. We arose as the bastion of freedom, and the leaders of innovation and progress on all fronts after the Old World was reduced to ash and rubble by the second world war. The sun finally set on the empires of old, and we claimed their spot as leaders of the world, the best and brightest among men. We fought and struggled greatly for the right to even hold this position, and we out lasted those who sought to oppose us. We touched the stars and went to the moon, we created wonders never imagined before, like the internet. We enjoyed unprecedented prosperity. We did so much, and created so many beautiful things. In the entirely of mans brief existence, our empire was the strongest to ever exist.

But, this is no longer true. We allowed peace and luxury to warp us into lazy, grotesque, entitled monsters, Peace and luxury have a habit of creating horrors much worse then war after all. We grew weak, and shunned masculinity and morals, we shunned our constitution, our ethics and philosophies, we shunned everything that made us great.

We freely gave things that our forefathers bled and died for to those who do not deserve them. We didn’t raise men or warriors because we thought we would never need them again. We allowed ourselves to become victims of pride, hubris even. America believed it would always be on top, by virtue of existing. We thought ourselves as gods among men, not needing ethics or morals. We allowed ourselves to become creatures that seek pleasure and ecstasy, and nothing more. We became decadent and obese as a society, and we thought it was okay.

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Today, everyone is a victim of circumstances, nothing is or ever will be their faults, because they were told that they were “special” for generations, simply because they existed. Personal responsibility is all but dead. Our bar for success is so low today that you can’t see it, because it was buried decades ago. No one wants to do anything, because anything that isn’t through or on the screen is considered painful, and pain should be avoided at all costs, or so they say these days.

The masses became fat, not because of processed sugars or “genetics”, but because they allowed themselves too.

People are poor, because they refuse to work or utilize the support networks that surround them.

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The younger generation lives through screens or social media, because the parents plugged them in as they grew because they were too weak to deal with mere children.

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People are addicted to opiates in record numbers, because they have no fortitude what so ever and are among the weakest people to ever exist.

Things are they way they are because people refuse to get up and change them, too distracted by the latest benile spectacle.

We were the strongest to ever exist, and we allowed ourselves to become the weakest. We the people are to blame, and we are the only ones to blame. We cling to whatever vestiges of greatness we have left and jerk off any elected official who tells us we are still great.

Our empire crumbled to dust, we sold it for all it was worth and let everyone in to pillage whats left. It’s already too late, we will never be great again. Everything is propped up and artificial, it isn’t real, and it will all be revealed to be shortly.

Enjoy things while they last. The times after 2020 are going to be the worst humanity has ever seen.

Im apart of “Generation Z”, I’m just wondering if I’ll survive the fall to see what rises up from the ashes.


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