South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World

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6 thoughts on “South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World

  1. Somebody takes film of the worst security and then pretends that it is like that all over. Most of the shots were of the poorest areas and of office and infrastructure. There are many (most) homes and areas where ‘security’ is minimal. No more than the UK or Romania. Use ‘streetview’ and look at places such as Brakpan, Springs, Swellendam, Gansbaai. Downtown in the old cities and the main CBDs are trash heaps. The squatters have moved in. But for many normal blacks and whites in the ordinary streets and suburbs, life is relatively calm.
    The reason that people go from one ‘gated – secure’ environment to another is that the common infrastructure, parks and sports venues have been allowed to disintegrate as there is no money to sustain them. Night life in the wealthier areas is ongoing, no problem. The poorer areas have equally interesting night life, just different pastimes.
    In 1981 in Dayton Ohio, I stayed at a national hotel and they had security guards on each floor, and 2 in the lobby. On the train from JFK, each coach had a police guard.
    SA is not as safe as Brussels or Kuwait, but safer than Bucharest or London.

  2. Why are all the white farmers who have been there for generations are being killed and the land left fallow? The blacks have no idea how to farm but just want the land for themselves. They are going to starve shortly at that rate!!!!

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