S&P500 Above 200sma Moving Average Index- Sym Contracting Triangle in final construction.. APEX Nearing – Signal Major Imbalance Nearing?

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Stifel’s Bannister: Stocks to Drop 20%, Return Total of 0% Until 2028


“What matters for investors is that any decline is likely to be unusually rapid and occur as a result of P/E compression, resulting from policy risks not weak GDP,” he wrote in a research report. “Investors need a bit more acrophobia, as our best model points to a bear market and lost decade for stocks.”

Bannister argued the new Fed, under Powell, “wishes to fade the ‘Fed put,’” or the idea that the central bank would step in to prop up falling equity prices. “The cost may be a 16% P/E drop,” he wrote, referring to price-to-earnings, a popular measure of equity valuation.

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