SPEECH POLICE: Woke firm plans to replace “violent” phrases and idioms with neutered, dumbed-down language compatible with the idiocy of the Left

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by: Ramon Tomey

Image: SPEECH POLICE: Woke firm plans to replace “violent” phrases and idioms with neutered, dumbed-down language compatible with the idiocy of the Left

(Natural News) A woke technology firm based in the Golden State plans to replace phrases and idioms in everyday language that are allegedly “violent.”

InfoWars reported that the Torrance, California-based Phenomenex issued a guide, titled “Evolving from Violent Language,” in line with this endeavor. The guide was authored by Anna Taylor, communications director for the company. She also holds the position of “diversity, equity and inclusion” champion at the firm.

“The guide is for those who would like to replace mostly violently-framed idioms with more positive and inclusive language,” Taylor stated. It suggested several “positive” replacements for certain idioms that come off as ridiculous at best.

Instead of “kill two birds with one stone,” it suggested using “feed two birds with one scone.” The allegedly violent “roll with the punches” was to be replaced with “move forward.” The more positive “make it a little easier” was suggested as a replacement to “soften the blow.”

Even allegedly violent verbals were not spared. “To take a guess” was proposed to replace “to take a shot in the dark.” Employees were instructed via the guide to “send” emails to colleagues instead of “shoot” emails to them. They were also encouraged not “to take a stab,” but instead “to take a first pass” at something. (Related: Speech police at woke Stanford cancel words like ‘American’ and ‘man,’ claim they constitute ‘harmful language.’)

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Frank Furedi, emeritus professor at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, commented on the development. He said: “They are attributing to these phrases the worst possible motives, rather than taking a step back and seeing these expressions have got nothing to do with violent intent.”

But this policing of speech is no laughing matter, Furedi warned.

“Some people might regard these ultra-woke suggestions as harmless and even amusing. But it’s not funny at all because the re-engineering of language subverts the way we think and our way of life. There’s a tendency now to inflate, in an alarmist way, the meaning of words.”

Not the first time wokies played speech police

Back in June 2021, Summit News reported that Brandeis University in Massachusetts prohibited certain words it deems as “violent” or “racist.” It instead suggested bland alternatives to the banned words to avoid offending anyone.

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Most notable was the ban on the term “trigger warning,” which was banned because “the word ‘trigger’ has connections to guns for many people.” It instead suggested the phrases “content warning” or “drop-in” as alternatives.

The idiom “go off the reservation” was also banned for allegedly having a “harmful history rooted in the violent removal of indigenous people from their land, and the horrible consequences for someone that left the reservation.” The university urged the use of “disagree with the group” or “defect from the group” as politically correct alternatives.

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Even the seemingly innocuous “rule of thumb” was prohibited, with the term “general rule” suggested as a replacement. “This expression comes from an old British law allowing men to beat their wives with sticks no wider than their thumb,” the university explained.

Brandeis also admonished against the use of “oppressive language,” preferring a “person-first” approach.

A “disabled person” should be a “person with a disability,” while “wheelchair-bound” should be a “person who uses a wheelchair.” A drug addict should be called a “person with a substance use disorder,” a homeless person should be called a “person experiencing housing insecurity” and a prostitute should be called a “person who engages in sex work.”

Summit News also mentioned in the report that the university is encouraging students and faculty members to submit further “oppressive words” for banning.

Users piled on Brandeis’ new guidelines on social media, with many comparing it to the fictional language Newspeak mentioned in George Orwell’s classic novel “1984.”

SpeechPolice.news has more stories about “violent” and “racist” words being canceled.

Watch Gavin McInnes explain to Alex Jones why free speech, including language deemed “violent” and “racist,” defines America.

This video is from the Ruth Mackenzies channel on Brighteon.com.


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