Spirit Airlines cancels 60% of its flights to ‘reboot’ after meltdown, vows to learn from disruptions

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  • Spirit has canceled hundreds of flights since Sunday.
  • Weather, technical problems and staff shortages contributed to the disruptions.
  • The carrier vowed to improve its operations by learning from the meltdown.

Spirit Airlines canceled more than half of its flights on Wednesday, in an effort to “reboot” its operations after a wave of disruptions that started over the weekend due to a mix of bad weather, staffing shortages and technology problems.

Spirit has canceled more than 1,000 flights since Sunday and hundreds more were delayed.

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Furious customers complained on social media about the cancellations and difficulty reaching customer service agents. Some tweeted images of long lines at airports and travelers lying on the floor near gates.

The chaos is a major test for Spirit’s executives who have worked in recent years to improve the airline’s reliability and customer service.


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