Spy agency warned Trudeau China’s media tactics becoming more ‘sophisticated … insidious’ – The CBC 12-07-2021

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All levels of government are being targeted with sophisticated “media tactics.” If your mayors or MLAs are acting weird you needn’t look further than this. They’re being intimidated and are compromised, in some instances thoroughly.

Their dirty laundry is, in some instances, being aired through coded messaging in mainstream media. In other instances the messaging is clear but the message itself is a lie. They’re being blackmailed and threatened in other ways, and as awareness of this grows their behavior will become more aberrant and dangerous.

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In related news, Canada’s ambassador to China will be out before the end of the new year. His successor, he says, “will be on strong footing to further this relationship, build on our people-to-people relations, trade and investment ties, while continuing to stand firm on human rights and the rule of law and addressing outstanding consular and market access issues that exist.”

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Erin O’Toole is suggesting that Canadian government representatives boycott the Beijing Olympics next year.





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