SPYGATE – An Updated Timeline

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by AC

Adam Schiff’s Republican Grandfather; 1952 Electoral College;
1952 • Massachusetts, USA
Republican Grandfather Glovsky in 1952 Electoeal College; 1956 aids Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge II to elect Eisenhower; Lodge discredits Sen. Joseph McCarthy State Dept Red Scare and precipitates Pres. Kennedy to have a War in Vietnam; the original Glovsky law firm, now with many partners, may be the same one that defended mob boss Whitey Bulger years after he had been an informant to FBI Boston Station Chief Robert Mueller for 20 yrs

Romney and Netanyahu Worked at the Same Boston Consulting Group
1976 • Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
Mitt Romney and BenjamIn Netanyahu both worked at Boston Consulting Group or BCG in Boston, MA in 1976.

1985-1986 • United States District Court, Central District of California, California, USA
Schiff served as a clerk for Federal Judge William Matthew Byrne Jr. who is a Los Angeles native who presided over the trial involving Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
1986 • Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA
Adam joined BBBS and chose 7 year old African American Little Brother David McMillan; the two men are still in a close relationship today, 32 years later.

1987-1993 • Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
Federal Criminal Prosecutor, U.S. Attorney’s Office for 6 years; during his tenure, Schiff achieved a perfect conviction record

Czechoslovakia Independence – Velvet Revolution
17 Nov 1989 • Prague, Czech Republic
Weeks after the Berlin Wall fell Czechoslovakia won its independence from the USSR. Later, in 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two nations, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

abt 1989 • Prague, Czech Republic
U.S. Legal Consultant on loan from U.S. Attorney General’s Office in LA where Schiff helped the Czechs reform their criminal justice system. The Czech Republic borders the Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Germany.\

09 Oct 1990 • US District Court, Los Angeles, California, USA
Schiff prosecuted Richard Miller, 1st FBI agent found guilty of espionage it involved Soviet honey trap Svetlana Ogorodnikova. Schiff, depicted Miller as participating in a series of events that transcended a fantasized adventure.

Ukraine Declaration of Independence
24 Aug 1991 • Kiev, Ukraine
Ukraine borders the Russian Federation, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Poland, Belarus.

Mar-Aug 1992 • Bratislava, Bratislavsky, Slovakia, Slovak Republic
Adam B. Schiff, in his job as an assistant US attorney from Los Angeles, worked as a US legal consultant in Bratislava, Slovakia for five months. The Slovak Republic borders Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Meeting
1992 • Prague, Czech Republic

Chezchoslovakia Dissolves into Czech and Slovak Republics
01 Jan 1993 • Prague, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Slovakia became an independent state on 1 January 1993 after the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia, sometimes known as the Velvet Divorce. This also resulted in the Czech Republic.

California Military Reserve Service Partnership w/Ukraine
1993 • American Embassy, Kyiv, Ukraine
A National Guard State Partnership Program or SPP; Run by Office of Internatnl; Affairs, CA State Military Dept, Commander, CA Governor and nephew of Speaker of the House pf US Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom

Schiff Ran But Lost Race – California State Assembly 43rd Distr
1993 • Los Angeles and Torrance, California, USA
Schiff ran w/6 others for California Assemblyman in the 43rd District; he ran when former 8-term Repub. Assemblyman Pat Nolan was forced to resign when FBI charged him w/racketeering in Shrimp Scam w/25 mos sentence; Schiff lost to Republican Joe Rogan

02 Dec 1996-30 Nov 2000 • Los Angeles, California, USA
Schiff served as a state senator representing California’s 21st District ; preceeded by Newton R. Russell and suceeded by Jack Scott. This district represents Northern Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County.

CA Gov Commands CA-Ukraine State National Guard Partnership
1999 • Sacramento, California, USA and Kyiv, Ukraine
Supports goals of US Ambassador to Ukraine and Commander, U.S. European Command. Today, this is in Nancy Pelosi’s nephew’s, California Gavin Newsom’s Cabinet; Adjutant General of CA National Guard partners w/state/local governments and private sector.

Nov 2000 • Burbank, California, USA
Schiff is elected as a US Congressman from California
Schiff Won CA 27th Distr – Beat US Congressman Joe Rogan
Most costly House race EVER; 9.2 Million dollars. Congressman Rogan worked to impeach Pres. Bill Clinton which cost him his seat. Schiff used Clinton’s rich Hollywood friends to leverage Clinton’s impeachment for Schiff’s gain.

Schiff’s Joint Resolution Honors 2nd Century Big Brothers/Big Sisters
29 Apr 2005 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Schiff, a Big Brothers Big Sisters of America – BBBS – boardmember, sponsored this joint resolution to recognize the 2nd century of BBBS that paired Schiff himself with HIS own Little Brother named David McMillan.

Schiff=Hollywood, NASA JPL, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
29 Jun 2006 • Burbank, California, USA
Schiff District includes – NBC, ABC, Disney, Warner Bros., Lockheed Martin super secret skunk works facility ‘s SR-71 Blackbird and F117 Nighthawk, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and its Mars rovers

Schiff Appears on Comedy Central’s The Stephen Colbert Report
29 Jun 2006 • Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA
Colbert – district’s ripe for wild parrot bird-flu pandemic, fundraising legislation is politically akin to strangling a prostitute to hide your shame, if he is in Guantanamo Bay as inmate it’s because he deserves it; offers bribe

Schiff Named to House Appropriations Committee
2008 • Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Such posting traditionally requires a representative to give up all other committee assignments. Uniquely, Schiff was allowed to remain on the House Judiciary Committee, where he serves on the Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property

Founding of Rosemont Seneca Partners-C Heinz, H Biden, D Archer
2009 • 1010 Wisconsin Avenue NW Suite 705, Washington, District of Columbia, USA 20007
Chris Heinz, John Kerry’s stepson, R. Hunter Biden, VP Joe Biden’s son, and indicted fake bond seller, top State Dept bundler/Kerry Advsr, Devon Archer. Near VP residence at NAVAL Observ. Firm did sensitive/high-stakes deals w/foreign governments x 8 yrs.

Passage of Schiff’s Nuclear Forensics and Attribution Act
16 Feb 2010 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Schiff introduced H.R. 730 in 2009; for countries to trace origin of nuclear aterial or exploded nuclear bomb residue; requires sharing of reference samples among member countries

Passage of Schiff Legislation to Protect Children from Predators
22 July 2010 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
People convicted of criminal offenses volunteer to spend unsupervised time with children. H.R. 1469 House Child Protection Improvements Act allows youth organizations to search FBI fingerprint files to screen volunteers.

Schiff Fundrser-Aeros CEO/Ukr Arms Dealer-Partner Igor Pasternak
18 Jul 2013 • 14 8th street SE Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Schiff campaign fundraiser – A Taste of Ukraine Reception – held by Ukranian Oligarch/Arms Dealer/Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak; 1,000-2,500 dollars per plate Aeros planes used-Pasternak/Epstein/Schiff/Strzok global illegal arms sales

Sen. John McCain/Chris Murphy Address 200,000 EU-Maiden Proteste
15 Dec 2013 • Maiden Square, Kiev, Ukraine
US Senators John McCain R-AZ and Chris Murphy D-CT encouraged 200.000 Ukr EU-Maiden protesters to stand their ground in pushing for Ukraine’s support/protection by the EU even tho the EU had already stated the Ukrainian demands were not rooted in reality.

Injuries and Deaths of Protesters on/near Maiden Square in Kiev
bef 07 Feb 2014 • Maiden Square, Kiev, Ukraine
Estimates of as many as 1,800 injuries and 108 deaths of Ukrainian protestors on Maiden Square in Kiev have been reported

US State Dept Nuland Preselects New Unelected Ukraine President
07 Feb 2014 • US State Department, Washington, District of Columbia
Leaked phone call of Asst Sec of State Victoria Nuland choosing between 3 men to make 1 President of Ukraine. She was speaking to US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyett, This conversation occurred even though the Office of President was NOT VACANT.

Snipers Kill 21 in US State Dept/McCain Backed NeoNazi Attack
20 Feb 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
Ukr Pres Yanukovych reported did attack. Leaked call b/t EU For. Pol. Chief Cathy Ashton and Estonia For. Min. Urmas Paet said new coalition gov did attack; US State Dept/Sen McCain backed far-right NeoNazi Svboda Party Oleh Tyahnybok in leading attack.

G Soros/US State Dept Ousts Duly Elected Ukraine Pres Yanukovych
21 Feb 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
Yanukovych claimed that, after lengthy discussions, he had reached an agreement w/opposition. Later that day, he left the capital for Kharkiv and his car was shot at as he left, so he traveled to Crimea and on to exile in S. Russia.

Yatsenyuk Made Interim Ukr Prime Minister via US Coalition Gov
21 Feb 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
Arseniy Yatsenyuk is in office as Interim Prime Minister from 21 Feb 2014 until US choice for President, corrupt oligarch Viktor Poroshenko, can be elected via Soros NGO money in May and then inaugurated on 07 June 2014.

Senate For. Rel. Comm. Warns BHO of Russia’s Danger to Ukraine
28 Feb 2014 • US Senate Foreign Relations Committee , Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Senators Urge Obama to Assist in Peaceful, Democratic Transition in Ukraine. 5 Repub and 5 Dem US Senators Warn Pres Obama of Russia’s “Provocative and Dangerous Tactics” that Undermine Ukraine’s Unity. JOHN MCCAIN is one of these senators.

Leaked Call-Estonia/EU;US Ukr NeoNazis Shot Protesters AND Cops
05 Mar 2014 • Estonia and Brussels, Belgium
Leaked call b/t Estonia Foreign Min. Paet/EU Foreign Policy Min. Ashton; new Ukr coal. gov. built by State Dept/McCain includes NeoNazi Svoboda Party members who shot 21 protesters AND cops video w/call audio

Schiff Speach – Contribution of Parliaments to NATO Enlargement
28 Mar 2014 • American Embassy, Vilnius, Lithuania
Speaker at “Contribution of Parliaments to NATO Enlargement ” Conference held in city where great-grandfather Yaakov Zalman Schiff was born Reason for Conference; Baltic allies are alarmed by Russia’s recent actions #UNITED FOR UKRAIN

Devon Archer Top State Dept Campaign Bundler Joins Burisma
bef 18 Apr 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
Devon Archer is also: college roommate of and, along with Hunter Biden, business partner in Rosemont Seneca Partners with Chris Heinz, stepson of former US SOS John Kerry. Archer was also Senior Advisor to John Kerry’s 2004 US Presidential Campaign.

R. Hunter Biden Joins Board of Cypriote-Regst’d Burisma Holdings
18 Apr 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
Hunter/Head-Legal Affairs:”Burisma is turning to US talent – and money and name recognition – for protection against Russia.” Burisma owner is Cypriot Ukrainian resident of non-US extraditable Israel, Ihor Kolomoisky, under FBI investigation.

Previous President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski Joins Burisma Board
18 Apr 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
Former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski joins the Board of Ukrainian natural gas giant Burisma the same day as the son of US Vice Pres Biden, in charge of US/Ukraine policy; 4 days later VP Biden offers US AID IF Ukraine stops buying Russian gas.

1.8B IMF AID to PrivatBank/Kolomoisky/Latvia/Cypress/BidenArcher
Apr 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
1.8B of $17.5B IMF aid pkg goes to Ukr interim Prime Minister Yatsensky is deposited in Burisma owner Kolomoieski’s PrivatBank, leaves bank disguised as loan to Latvia bank, as loan to his offshore Cypress acct, then to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer in US.

David Leiter, Senate COS-SOS Kerry/Lobbyist Joins Burisma
20 May 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
After Hunter Biden joined Burisma’s Board as the Chief of the Legal Counsel Unit, former Senate Chief of Staff for Senator John Kerry, David Leiter, signed onto Burisma’s Board as a DC Lobbyist under the firm name M L Strategies.

Ukrainian Presidentual Election is FINALLY Held-US backed Oligarch Poroshenko Elected
25 May 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
This after 55 days during which the US State Dept’s choice, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, served as Interim Prime Minister of Ukraine. The newly elected President, Viktor Poroshenko, was also the US State Dept’s choice. His began w/inauguration 07 June 2014.

Inauguration of Victor Poroshenko as President of Ukraine
07 Jun 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
NOTE – However, it was not until June 2015 that Vickor Yanukovych was officially deprived of the title of President of Ukraine.

Sen. Ed Markey D-MA/3 Others Ask BHO fof More Ukr Energy AID
27 Jun 2014 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
We should leverage the full resources and expertise of the U.S. gov. Markey’s letter was trumpeted by Burisma Holdings as a commendable move towards securing the future security of Ukraine. Markey’s legislation proposes 40 million more energy AID.

Schiff – Parliament Delegate, Organ Security Cooper-Europe OSCE
27 Jun-03 Jul 2014 • Baku, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova,
As a sitting US Congressman Schiff served as 1 of 8 members of the bipartisan bicameral US Congressional delegation representing the US in the 57-nation OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Shooting Down of Malaysia Airlines MH17 over Eastern Ukraine
17 Jul 2014 • Eastern Ukraine
Pro-Russian Eastern Ukrainian rebel separatists are thought to have shot down the plane with a Russian missile. Of the 298 people who died in the disaster, 196 were from the Netherlands, 27 were Australians

Ciaramella Briefed Biden on Ukraine; Traveled AF2 to Ukraine
abt 01 Jan 2015 • VP Joe Biden’s Office, Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
CIA analyst who worked on NSC/Ukraine assigned to VP Biden’s Ofc. Ciaramella is known to have traveled to Ukraine with VP Biden.

Ciaramella-CIA Assigned to Whitehouse as NSC Analyst on Ukraine
abt 01 Jan 2015 • Whitehouse, Washington, District of ColumbIa, USA
Ciaramella, a career CIA analyst, is made Ukraine Director on the National Security Council assigned to Vice Pres. Joe Biden’s office in the Obama White House..

Schiff Declines Run for Retiring US Senator Barbara Boxer’s Seat
12 May 2015 • California, USA
In mid-2015, Schiff felt he would be more needed in the House than in the Senate. How did he know – Trump did not formally announce his Presidential bid until 4 and a half weeks later on 06/16/15.

Kaleniuk of Anticorruption Action Ctr/Ukr sees Ciaramella at WH
09 Dec 2015 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Daria Kaleniuk: Co-founder and Executive Director of the Soros-funded Anticorruption Action Center (AntAC) in Ukraine visited the White House to meet with CIA Eric Ciaramella, Vice Pres Joe Biden’s National Security Council Analyst for Ukraine Affairs,

NSC Asks Staffers to Dig Up Dirt on Manafort, Trump Campaign Mgr
aft 01 Jan 2016 • National Security Council, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Per Rudy Giuliani, 3 Ukr witnesses say the NSC held a meeting, asked for dirt on Paul Manafort, Trump Campaign Mgr. Future whistleblower CIA staffer Eric Ciaramella and analyst for Ukraine on the NSC at the Whitehouse should have been at this NSC meeting.

Goldbrenner Advisor to UN Ambdr Powers Sees CIaramella/WH
15 Jan 2016 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Rachel Goldbrenner, now an NYU law professor; she was at the time an advisor to then-Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Powers; Goldbrenner met w/whistleblower Ciaramella at WH

Artem Sytnyk Dir Ukr. Anti-Corrup. Bureau Sees Ciaramella/WH
19 Jan 2016 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Artem Sytnyk, the Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Bureau director, visited Ciaramella at the WH.

Trump Campaign Mgr Lewandowski Accused of Grabbing a Reporter
10 Mar 2016 • Jupiter, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Michelle Fields, a reporter for Breitbart News, wrote that, after she asked Donald Trump a question when she approached him after a March 8, 2016, press conference finished, she was forcefully grabbed by Lewandowski,

Lentine fmr G Soros’ Open Society/Eurasia Sees Ciaramella/WH
16 Mar 2016 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Gina Lentine, a senior program officer at Freedom House, formerly the Eurasia program coord. at Soros funded Open Society Foundations, visits Ciaramella at WH

Trump’s Campaign Mgr Lewandowski Charged with Simple Battery
29 Mar 2016 • Jupiter Police Dept, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Jupiter PD formally charge Lewandowski and he surrenders to police

Candidate Trump Adds Paul Manafort to his campaign team
29 Mar 2016 • New York City, New York, USA
He was named campaign convention manager for the Republican Party’s mid-July gathering in Cleveland.

County State Attorney Declines to Prosecute Lewandowski
14 Apr 2016 • Palm Beach County, Florida, USA
Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said he would not prosecute Lewandow because the evidence cannot prove all legally required elements.

US Embassy to Ukn Gov:Don’t Look for Corruption at US AID/AntAc
Apr 2016 • Kiev, Ukraine
During the U.S. presidential race in April of 2016, the U.S. Embassy under Obama in Kiev, “took the rare step of trying to press the Ukrainian government to back off its investigation of both the U.S. aid and (AntAC).”

Trump Becomes the Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee
03 May 2016 • New York City, New York, USA

DNC Chalupa Asks Ukr Reporters at Embassy for Info on Manafort
04 May 2016 • Ukrainian Embassy, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
DNC Alexandra Chalupa emailed DNC Luis Miranda, she/Michael Issaka asked Ukr investigative journalists for info on Manafort to destroy Trump campaign. Chalupa visited WH 27 times while Ciaramella was there.

Manafort Helps Secure a MUCH Better Funding Agreement w/RNC
17 May 2016 • New York City, New York, USA
Trump reached agreement with RNC; allowed donors to write bigger checks to 1 of 2 committees servicing both Trump campaign and RNC.The move itself is common, but it hadn’t happened for the Trump campaign until Manafort was effectively at the helm.

Presump Nominee Trump Promotes Manafort Higher in Campaign
19 May 2016 • New York City, New York, USA
Presump Nominee Trump Elevates Manafort to Chief Strategist and Campaign Mgr

Schiff/Strzok use Fmr FBI Inf. to OCONUS Lure Stone w/HRC Emails
29 May 2016 • Trump Beach International Resort, Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Dade, Florida, USA
Schiff/Strzok task arms dealer/Fmr FBI inform. Oknyansky/Greenberg to OCONUS lure Stone w/Hillary/TENEO emails off Weiner laptop. US passes arms sanctions. Schiff/Strzok own arms stocks; THEIR network sells arms to both sides; same ppl do Iran Nuclear Deal

Asst Sec St Nuland Meets w/Whistlebl. CIA/NSC-Ukr Ciaramella
17 Jun 2016 • White House, Washington, District of Colunbia, USA
As per White House logs, Asst Sec of State for European/Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland met with future Whistleblower CIA/NSC-Ukraine Eric Ciaramella assigned to VP Biden Ofc at White House.

Repub Pres Nominee Trump Fires Lewandowski from Campaign
20 Jun 2016 • New York City, New York, USA
He served Jan 2015-Jun 2016 Occurred after Lewandowski clashed with Paul Manafort in an internal “power struggle. Lewandowski, who went to work for CNN. told the press Manafort led the campaign as of April 7th.

DNC Seth Rich Shot/DC; Stable aft Surgery;DNC/DCMayor at Hosp
10 Jul 2016 • Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Aided in vote fraud; server data to WL; DWS hit; DOJ RR; 2 LEO drove 2 MS-13 to NW DC;SR shot; Dr. at hosp after surgery states SR stable/should survive; DNC Head Donna Brazile and DC Mayor Bowser at hosp at 433 am as SR arrived; Who killed SR?

Trump/Pence Become Official Repub Pres/VP Nominees
19 Jul 2016 • Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA
Trump was awarded 1441 delegates; he had needed more than 1237 to earn the nomination.

Schiff travels w/Russian Federation Ambassador to Security Forum
27 Jul 2016 • Aspen security Forum, Aspen, Pitkin, Colorado, USA
National Profile of Local Health Depart. Infrastructure and Practice – NACCHO and Military Health System Research Symposium; Schiff travels to conf. with Russian Federation Ambassador Sergey Kislyak; event co-sponsored by CNN

Rachel Goldbrenner/Advisor to UN Ambass. Visits Ciaramella at WH
08 Aug 2016 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Rachel Goldbrenner, now an NYU law professor, she was at the time an advisor to then-Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Powers, visited Ciaramella at the WH.

Manafort Accused of Taking Bribes fr Deposed Ukr Pres Yanukovych
14 Aug 2016 • New York City, New York, USA
The New York Times reported that Manafort’s name appears on a list of so-called black ledger accounts made by the since-toppled Ukrainian president amounting to $12.7 million from 2007 to 2012.

Ciaramella Biden-Invited Guest at Kerry-Hosted State Dept Lunch
19 Oct 2016 • State Dept, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella was an invited guest of Vice Pres Biden at a State Dept. luncheon banquet co-hosted by former Sec of State John Kerry held in honor Italian Prime Minister’s honor.

Ass Sec State Nuland Spread Trump Russia Propag. to Lawmakers
20 Jan 2017 • Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Jud, Watch-Nuland was involved in Obama State Dept’s “urgent” gathering of classified Russia investigation info and disseminating it to members of Congress within hours of Trump taking office.

Ciaramella-BHO Carryover Continues Assigned to NSC/Ukraine at WH
2017 • Whitehouse, Washington, District of ColumbIa, USA
CIA serving as Ukraine director on the National Security Council at the Trump Whitehouse

Today 2.4 BIL-Rosemont Seneca Partners-C Heinz H Biden D Archer
15 Mar 2018 • 1010 Wisconsin Avenue NW Suite 705, Washington, District of Columbia, USA 20007
Profitable deals done w/foreign govs aft. crucial diplomatic missions via powerful fathers.Foreign entities gain favored US action. Firm’s “relationship network creates opportunities for portfolio companies which compound to greater outcomes 4 all parties”

Schiff Demands FBI Counterintell. Info Seen by Mueller
18 Apr 2018 • Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Trump and Russia – Schiff makes an increasingly assertive push for the counterintelligence information the FBI and Mueller’s team gathered about Trump-Russia, largely excluded from Mueller report.

WPP Rptr Jenny Moore Killed Invest. Rape/Boy by Bill Clinton
13 Aug 2018 • Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Reporter Moore in Wit Protection Program – was dismayed that despite sharing details with Homeland Security agents in charge of child trafficking investigations an the FBI – a month before her death – no one had reached out to her to follow up on the case.

MSNBC Analyst Hired to Direct Investigations – Hse Intell. Comm
Jan 2019 • Intelligence Committee, US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Schiff named former MSNBC legal analyst contributor Daniel Goldman as the DIRECTOR OF INVESTIGATIONS for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).

Volodymyr Zellensky Won 1st Round of Ukrainian Presidential Elec
31 Mar 2019 • Kiev, Ukraine
Comedian Zelensky won the first round in the presidential election. He is famous for starring in a Ukrainian sitcom called Servant of the People, now streaming on Netflix, as a schoolteacher who inadvertently becomes the country’a President.

Cypriot-Ukraine Burisma Owner Kolomoisky Under FBI Investigation
08 Apr 2019 • Kiev, Ukraine
The investigators are scrutinizing potential financial crimes including the laundering of funds into the US. Kolomoisky has dual Cypress-Ukrainian citizenship with primary home residence in Tel Aviv, Israel, a nation without a US extradition agreement.

Brexit: UK and EU agree to delay to 31 October 2019
11 Apr 2019 • EU, Brussels, Belgium
The date for Brittain to leave the EU is extended by EU leaders in a late night session until Oct 31 2019.

Zellensky Won Ukraine Pres Run-off Elec vs. Oligarch Poroshenko
21 Apr 2019 • Kiev, Ukraine
Volodymyr Zellensky won the Ukraine Presidential Election against Ukrainian Oligarch Petro Poroshenko.

Call of Congratulations-Trump to Zelenskyy for Winning Election
21 Apr 2019 • The White House, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Per US Spec. Rep. to Ukraine Kurt Volker, Pres. Trump called to congratulate Pres. Zelenskyy on his victory and the Ukrainian people for a safe and peaceful election. Trump also invited Zelenskyy to visit the White House.

Trip to Israel by 3 US Senators; Romney-R, Murphy-D, Wyden-D
23 Apr 2019 • King David Hotel (cite of violent Irgun attack in 1947), Jerusalem, Israel
No trip info from Senators/US Embassy/Prime Minister Ofc. There to see resident and Burisma’s Kolomoisky abt Democrat Presid. run for Romney? Romney AND Netanyahu-BCG Boston 1976. BHO Staff/Mayor Chicago Rahm sat out 2020 Mayor race. Rahm’s dad was Irgun.

Joe Biden Announces 2020 Run for WH After Months of Hesitation
25 Apr 2019 • Video Announcement
Biden rebuked the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VIRGINIA and Pres Trump’s handling of it. Biden said Trump assigned a moral equivalence to those spreading hate and those w/courage to fight it. Biden feels this is a real threat to the nation.

Schiff House Intell. Comm. Chair Subpoenas US Attorney Gen. Barr
08 May 2019 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Schiff demanded “all documents and materials, regardless of form or classification,” relating to the counterintelligence or foreign intelligence side of the Russia-Gate investigation into Trump

Call of Congrats-Trump to Zelenskyy on Win of Parliam. Majority
25 July 2019 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Trump congratulates Zekenskyy who says they desire to drain the swamp in Ukraine. Trump says European countries should help Ukraine more. Zelenskyy says US is a bigger partner than EU and they are almost ready to BUY MORE Javelins from the US etc.

Ciaramella Filed Complaint Re Trump-Zelensky July 25, 2019 Call
12 Aug 2019 • ICIG Office, US Government, Washington, DistrIct of Columbia, USA
Whistleblower Complaint against Pres Trump filed by Eric Ciaramella, career CIA NSC employee assigned to Vice Pres Joe Biden’s Ofc at the Whitehouse; complaint was filed with the Intelligence Community Inspector General

Without House Vote Pelosi D-CA Unilaterally Opens Impeachment In
24 Sep 2019 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Initially the inquiry is in a Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee chaired by Jerrold Nadler D-NY.

1st Zelenskyy Call-Declass. SECONDS b/f Ukr Ambssdr Testifies
24 Sept 2019 • The White House, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Pres. Trump declassified the first congratulatory call he placed to Pres. of Ukraine Zelenskyy upon his winning the Presidential Election on April 21, 2019. In it, Trump also invites him to the WH.

2nd Zelenskyy Call-Declass. DAY aft Pelosi Opens impeachment Inq
25 Sep 2019 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
2nd call to Zelenskyy-Trump congratulated Zelenskyy for win of Parliam. majority and mentioned Cloudstrike, server, VP Biden’s son, etc. Note-Ukrainian co. Cloudstrike never gave FBI final report on Russian hacking of DNC server; remember SR.

US Spec. Repr.-Ukraine Nego. Kurt Volker Retired-State Dept
27 Sept 2019 • US State Dept, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
1 of 5 State Dept staff to retire related to the Impeachment affair

H.Res. 604: Condemning/Censuring Schiff, Rep CA 28th Congr Distr
27 Sep 2019 • Ethics Committee, US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
H.Res. 604: Condemning and censuring Adam Schiff, Representative of California’s 28th Congressional District. See detailed list of violations, misjudgments, malfeasances, and improprieties at link.


Schiff Hired MSNBC to Question Key Witness US Envoy to Ukraine
03 Oct 2019 • Intelligence Committee, US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
MSNBC news analyst and DIRECTOR of investigations for House Intelligence Comm. Daniel Goldman interrogated key witness, US Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, in closed door congressional hearing.

Sr Advr. to SOS Pompeo, Michael McKinley Retired from State Dept
11 Oct 2019 • US State Department, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
1 of 5 State Dept staff to retire in the wake of the Impeachment affair

Passage of Schiff Legislation Recognizing Armenian Genocide
29 Oct 2019 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
US House of Rep. passed Schiff’s US House Resolution 106 Recognizing the Armenian Genocide -1914-1923 Extermination/expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians – Ottoman Empire, Turkish Rep.; Erdogan Pres Turkey orig objected, wanted to recall US Ambassador

Attornies Zaid/Bajak Refuse to Identify Whistleblower Client
30 Oct 2019 • Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Attorneys Zaid and Bajak for the whistleblower who submitted a complaint about Pres Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine Pres, prompting the impeachment process to begin, declined to confirm or deny their client was career CIA officer Eric Ciaramella

Halloween: Date for Final Brexit Arrives
31 Oct 2019 • London, England
Even the extended date for final BREXIT arrives.

Halloween: US House Approves Resol. for Formal Impeach. Proc.
31 Oct 2019 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
House approved resol. re inquiry process. Vote: 232 Yes/196 No. 2 Dems voted No. Speakers don’t usu. vote-Pelosi voted Yes. Resol. cited Schiff/Intell. Comm. Chair as pt person over any PUBLIC hearings! This DID NOT also call for a CHANGE in COMMITTEE.

Can Screenwriter Schiff Give Trump Presidency Hollywood Ending?
01 Nov 2019 • Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Schiff is a screenwriter who represents Hollywood, CA. He’s written a screenplay, Remnant, post-Holocaust story, murder-mystery, Minotaur, and is writing a spy novel. Prediction-Trump and he are CHARACTERS-these people are SICK!

Ciaramella promoted-Dep. Natn’l Intell. Officer-Russia/Eurasia
07 Nov 2019 • US Government, Washington, District of Columbua, USA
After whistleblowing, Eric Ciaramella was promoted to deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council, reporting to the director of national intelligence.

Fmr US Ambassdr to Ukraine William Taylor Retired from State Dep
01 Jan 2020 • US State Department, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
1 of 5 State Dept staff to retire in the wake of the Impeachment affair

Ukraine Peace is Central to Organiz. for Security Cooper./ Europ
01 Jan 2020 • OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Vienna, Austria
OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Ed Rama of Albania calls for strengthened efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis in and around Ukraine.

US Rep. Byrne R-GA Introd. a Resolution Against Speaker Pelosi
09 Jan 2020 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
GOP lawmaker Bradley Byrne of Georgia offered a resolution to censure Speaker Pelosi for holding onto articles of impeachment for 33 days and not passing them on to the US Senate.

US House Votes to Send 2 Articles of Impeachment to the Senate
15 Jan 2020 • US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
The vote by Speaker Pelosi D-CA after 33 days of waiting was 228 in favor of adopting the articles of impeachment and 193 against; with one Democrat, Rep. Collin Peterson, voting against it.

Fmr US Ambassdr to Ukraine Marie Yavonovitch Retired
31 Jan 2020 • US State Department, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
She is 1 of 5 State Dept staff to retire in the wake of the Impeachment affair.

Gordon Sondland Fired from his Post as Ambassador to the EU
02 Feb 2020 • US State Department, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Many assigned to Ukraine wondered why Sondland played a role in Ukraine when he was not assigned there, but was assigned to the EU.

Senate Acquits Pres. Trump on Both Articles of Impeachment
05 Feb 2020 • US Senate, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
The US Senate acquitted Pres. Trump on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges as his actions did not rise to the level of treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors as is required by the US Constitution for impeachment of a President.

US Rep Gaetz R-Fl Filed Ethics Complaint vs. Speaker Pelosi D-CA
05 Feb 2020 • Ethics Committee, US House of Representatives, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
He filed an ethics complaint against Speaker Pelosi for destroying Pres. Trump’s SOTU speech. Her conduct was beneath the dignity of the House, and a potential violation of law (18 USC 2071). Nobody is above the law. She must be held accountable.

Miami-Dade Democrats File Bar Complaint vs. Matt Gaetz R-Fl
06 Feb 2020 • Democrat Party of Miami-Dade, Dade County, Florida, USA
in retaliation of US Rep Matt Gaetz filing an ethics complaint vs. Speaker of the House Pelosi for tearing up Pres Trump’s SOTU speech, Democrat Party of Miami-Dade, Florida filed a complaint of Gross Misconduct vs. Gaetz with their County Bar Association.

Ronald Vindman is Fired as Head Groundskeeper/US Dept Educ
07 Feb 2020 • Dept of Education, US Government, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Ronald Vindman is the father of Alexander, Yevgeny, and Leonid Vindman and the husband of Alice Vindman.

Alice Vindman Fired From Position as Secretary at Dept Justice
07 Feb 2020 • Dept of Justice, US Government, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Alice Vindman from her position as secretary at the Department of Justice. She is the mother of Alexander, Yevgeny, and Leonid Vindman and wife of Ronald Vindman.

US Army Lt Col Yevgeny Vindman Fired from Post on NSC at WH
07 Feb 2020 • NSC, The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
US Army Lt Col Yevgeny Vindman was fired as Sr lawyer/Ethics official at the NSC and escorted from the White House. Word is he is the leaker of pot. classified information from Bolton’s book on file w/NSC that got to the press .

US Army Lt Col Alex Vindman Fired-NSC;Escorted fr WH Under Guard
07 Feb 2020 • The Whitehouse, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman – Trump ordered him removed under armed guard from the White House because of the part this officer played in the failed impeachment coup against his own Commander-In-Chief.

US VP Biden – More US AID if Ukraine Stops Buying Russian Energy
22 Apr 2020 • Kiev, Ukraine
Biden-$50 million USAID to break Ukraine’s dependency on Russian energy. Pres Obama had also issued a string of warnings to Russia threatening increasingly harsh economic sanctions if the Kremlin did not help to de-escalate the crisis in eastern Ukraine.


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