STARBUCKS selling stores, closing operations in Europe

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SEATTLE (AP) — Starbucks is restructuring its European operations after several years of slowing sales.

The Seattle-based coffee chain is selling 83 company-owned stores in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to its longtime partner, Alsea. Alsea will also provide services to 177 other Starbucks locations in those countries which are owned by franchisees.

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I used to be a big Starbucks fan, as much as I am of Apple. Went to the Starbucks store in my Oregon exurb community regularly. However, the leftist posturing and liberal virtue signaling turned me off. I still go to Starbucks — if it’s convenient. I haven’t boycotted entirely, but now, instead of a raving fan like I used to be, I’m “meh” about Starbucks. I have a Verisimo and still buy pods occasionally, but nothing like I used to. Use Keruig more now. However, I am sure they don’t care about me and my family’s business. They’ve got plenty, right?

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