State Dept. releases files outlining their payment to U.S. nonprofits to push for regime change in Iran on twitter and instagram… pulls funding when they criticize Americans or U.S. media organizations.

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by Ninjakick666

Just came out yesterday on the State Dept’s FOIA site. Thought you guys would dig some of this internal drama… Was a twitter account called IranDisinfo run by people associated with a nonprofit called The E-Collaborative for Civic Education. They had a few different quasi news accounts they ran… looks like most of them stopped posting as soon as the money dried up in 2019. Tevaana is still trucking though, but I dunno if they have US funding anymore.

Here’s the “Iran Disinformation Project” timeline… step by step shows how it will help “Counter the Iran regime’s lies and nefarious influence” via social media… Super interesting to see how far ahead it is all planned out…

“Social media campaigns/amplifying Iranian dissenting voices: Our team of Arabic, English and Persian language media monitors and expert analysts will respond with agile and compelling dissections of the regime’s disinformation and propaganda via the dedicated project website and social media channels. We will also respond to regime trolls and hashtag trends using other resources produced under this project as well as responsive, compelling counter-narratives and counter-hashtags offering truth. “

Here’s a screenshot of them telling the people they were suspended from the grant program…

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Here’s a fun screenshot of the organization asking for the State Dept to help them report people calling them shills to the FBI or Twitter…

They mention using a machine learning AI called Vidrovr to scan thru youtube videos for keywords and spotting trends in multiple languages. Talk about buying the “Russian” package after RT publishes a video criticizing State Dept’s GEC.

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“…doesn’t State have a direct line of communication with Twitter?”
“Our prior contact at Twitter has left and we cannot establish contact. “
“We ourselves have this now with Facebook/Instagram at the highest levels, but we have nothing with Twitter.”

There a lot of other fun drama in the casefile… theres a few other Iran related files in there that don’t have to do with their twitter shills.. but if you want to go down that rabbit hole and see some of the stuff the GEC gets up to… here’s the link.

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