Stock Market Crash 2020: Warning Bells Are Ringing! The Stock Market Bubble Will Pop Soon

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by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

There are warning signs of a stock market crash on the horizon. Things are becoming clearer every single day; today’s stock market bubble will burst soon.

Whether any of you remember the dot-com bubble. Well, some of you probably aren’t old enough to remember, since the bubble peaked in 2000, but I’m sure the rest of you recall what happened that year.

There’s a reason I mention the dot-com bubble and the year 2000.
Almost one week ago, the Nasdaq 100 index started increasing and gained almost 2%, setting a new record high. Then, on that same day, it lost 2%…plus a little extra. This weird and unexpected situation has only happened one other time: March 7, 2000, the date the dot-com bubble reached its peak.

The Wilshire 5000 to GDP ratio also allows us to estimate the total market cap. Don’t forget that the ratio hit a historic high – 155% – right before the stock market crash in March 2020.

Therefore, this current illusionary recovery is really a perilous signal for the stock market.

The threat is obvious. The market sharks are selling, but rookies are buying…

Instead, they’re investing in the stock market with the money they just got from their governments…

Be prepared, folks; don’t fall for the illusion of monetary tools. Think of yourselves, your future, and your family; they’re what we live for…

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