Stock Market Crash Alert: Don’t Say There Were No Signs

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Costco Is Seeing Inflation Abound, Impacting a Slew of Consumer Products

The big-box club chain said it’s been seeing accelerating prices across a range of products.

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Powell’s Fed Will Move Instinctively to Combat Inflation, Like Greenspan

Former Chair Alan Greenspan led the Fed slowly and instinctively, with sparse details. A break from the furious pace and hyper-transparency of the past year looks mighty appealing.

Dollar May Be on Brink of Sustained Downtrend: Bloomberg

The inflation outlook, higher oil prices and a stronger Chinese yuan all point in the same direction.

UMich Sentiment Slides As Record Number Of Americans Fear Soaring Prices

The disappointing plunge in ‘hope’ from The Conference Board’s survey of consumer sentiment was echoed in the UMich sentiment survey as the headline slipped from 88.3 to 82.9 (and slightly below the preliminary data). Both current and expectations indices also tumbled, and all are still well below pre-pandemic levels…

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Fed’s “Favorite” Inflation Indicator Explodes At Fastest Rate Since 1992 As Incomes Crash By Record

While Americans’ income and spending is normally the headline-making data, this morning’s release will focus all eyes on The Fed’s favorite inflation indicator – the PCE Deflator.


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