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Financial markets are rigged and the whole economy is fake

Low interest rates have created a unique situation.
Economies are fake because you don’t know what is real value or smoke.
What to do might surprise you as to play along is not such a bad idea.

Something that is easy to forget is that the current financial environment is rigged and not many discuss it because it is done so in a legal way. In this article, I want to quickly explain what has been going on in the financial environment over the last decade and how natural market forces are distorted in order to increase asset prices and enable the economy we live in to continue as it for at least a while.
I’ll conclude with what do in relation to what is going on in order to improve our financial wellbeing in the long term.
The trigger for market rigging
The trigger for market rigging is not the 2009 great recession, it is simply debt and lots of it. Total public debt as a percentage of GDP increased from levels around 30% in the 1970s to the current 103%.

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