Stock Market Trader: This Is Your Final Chance To Get Out Before The House Burns Down

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by West of Westpacific Trend Trading
The Collapse Looms and Everyone Is Like Deer in the HEADLIGHTS !
Confidence is such a game.
Everyone is so used to a rosy stock market that constantly charges higher, even after a decade.
What if I told you that’s all about to change?
Will not say much here.
I’m not much of a talker, and there’s chatter everywhere but nobody is really looking at what can unmask the truth.
Many cannot handle the truth.
The truth is that this whole ponzi is just that a ponzi. It’s outright theft!
It’s about to implode and the cartel cannot stop it!
The question I ask is are you going to let them destroy you with their coming plan to crash the economy, or will you outsmart them?
Or are you going to protect your capital and redeploy it at the low into the biggest rally in gold and real assets coming in the decade ahead?
This is a model from the greatest and smartest technical trader that ever lived: George Lindsay
I would not bet against him.
I have taken his teachings and applied it to the ponzi, and I am betting with him.
Are you?
Study this chart of the Dow (click to enlarge):

Note its perfection, look at how insanely overbought it is, and look at that accumulation line.
That’s a heck of a lot of firewood to create a monster panic firestorm!
I’m sending this to the Doc as your final chance to get out before the house burns down!
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