Stock picks and discussion for bulls and bears (7/29 – 8/2 trading week and beyond!)

Sharing is Caring!

by EsteevTrabajos1

Hey y’all!

I will be creating weekly posts (depending on the feedback) with a few stocks to keep on your watchlists for bulls and bears, and for short- and long- term investors. These posts are meant to start a discussion about individual stocks, their technicals and fundamentals. My ultimate goal with these posts is simply to share good DD. I believe in good karma and I think helping others succeed at trading translates to just better luck =). All of this comes after almost a decade investing in stocks and now with a PhD in statistics and machine learning skills in the bag. And no, I will never charge you or ask you to join any mailing list or discord. That’s not how I roll (you can see my post history to verify this yourself!).

I’m of the idea that, if accompanied by in-depth TA and FA, investing on individual stocks has way more potential for profit than major indexes in the short-, medium- and long-terms. I generally focus on stocks that I know well, but please feel free to share your own DD on stocks you know well yourself. With that said, here’s a list of stocks to watch for bulls and bears for the trading week ahead, as well as in the long term. Again, these come from a combination of in-depth FA/TA. Let me know what your thoughts are below:

If you’re feeling bullish about the market this week (for traders AND investors)-

  • $BIIB; $OKTA; $MDB; $DIS; $TTD (I’d consider entry on Tuesday); $ROKU (DO NOT HOLD UNTIL EARNINGS!). These should all print some good tendies
  • Bullish power play:\** $CRWD, $GD, $CGC, $ALXN, $CRM, $AYX are all high risk/high reward potential plays
  • Bullish earnings plays:\*** $ILMN (Mon AH); $AMGN (Tues AH); $TWLO, $HUM (Weds AH); $ETSY, $MPC (Thurs AH)

For those investing in the long term, I would recommend considering starting positions in any of these except $CGC, $CRM, $ROKU and $ILMN (these four are included only for options traders for the week).

If you’re feeling bearish about the market this week –

  • Bearish: $TIF; $CVNA; $IIPR; $PYPL (just for the week, bullish in the long term); $CWH
  • Bearish power play:\* $NFLX; $LYFT; $SFIX; $NKE; $PINS (will likely come down until earnings; bullish *forearnings),
  • Bearish earnings plays:\*** $CHGG (Mon AH); $SIRI (Tues BO); $SHOP, $YETI (Thurs BO); $RACE (Fri BO)

For those investing in the long term, I would avoid/sell all of the above, except $PYPL, $IIPR, $SHOP and $CVNA. If you’re holding $LYFT or $PINS stocks, keep holding!

**Keep in mind that EARNINGS PLAYS ARE RISKIER PLAYS, by default

***Power plays are also, in my books, a lot riskier/more uncertain than others listed

Disclaimer: What I share with you is the product of hours of research I do to build my own daily stock watchlist. I trade these stocks (not all, and especially not all at once) because I see (up or down) swing potential for the day/week/month. Of course, trade at your own discretion and use the stocks for your watchlist. If you’re feeling confident and see some momentum, follow your <3.

These predictions are based on the expectation that we will have a quarter-point cut in interest rates, which is the most likely case scenario according to investors right now.




Disclaimer: Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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