Stock Traders creating fake accounts to manipulate stocks

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by The_Greyscale

Been noticing a phenomenon more and more where meme stocks and those with high volatility have pages spammed with people who have no or next to no post history slamming that stock and trying to get people to sell.

There’s often (but not always) a higher rate of grammatical errors and unsubstantiated or outright false claims about the underlying stock. The example I’m going to use is $SPCE because I’ve researched it more heavily and have been tracking the discussion pages more. With this one, you see constant reposting of the same few images from the crash in 2014, claims that they only have 5 employees, ect.

On Stocktwits, there will usually be 3 bear accounts that post CONSTANTLY, until it has a high green day. Then those disappear, to be replaced by 3 new ones. On here, its a series of new posts, often copy-pastes, with an oddly high number of reddit gold and silver being given for relatively low information or low value posting. I believe this is because it lends them a degree of perceived value along with making them stand out in a feed.

I dont think its out of the question, and may actually be probable, that those who are heavily invested in shorting a stock, or possibly want to induce small dips they can take advantage from, are paying internet commentators to spam these sites and increase the negative perception that people casually browsing for information have of the underlying stock. Political campaigns already do this, and I expect it would also be a potential tactic for those with a straight profit motive.

Not including shitposts in this. Theres a difference between a good meme and outright attempts to spread disinformation.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.



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