Stock watch for bulls, bears, earnings, and pennises stonk players (7/25-8/2)

by EsteevTrabajos1

Tip of the hat to all those who reached out with kind words for the DD. It truly makes me day to see the effort is not in vain – this is my way to give back for all the trading advise I’ve gotten throughout the years, and I truly believe good karma (irl and in reddit) helps with tendies. That, and because I’m determined to earn a Nostradamus flair badge.

THIS EARNINGS SEASON HAS BEEN BOUNTIFUL. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen people print more tendies than they ever had before. I’m up ~450% this week alone, and will keep that rolling to close the week at 500-600%, hopefully. Thank goodness because I’d just depleted my RH account about a month ago to have an extravagant honeymoon around Europe.

I will be posting the results of last week’s picks tomorrow, for the sake of accountability.

Still more earnings to go and plenty more tendies to print (even outside earnings, of course!!) for bulls and bears alike. Here’s a list of options to keep in mind for earnings on Friday and early next week, as well as other stocks to keep in your radar for the next 4-5 trading days:

For the bulls: $ROKU, $CRWD (now it’s time to get back in!), $BIIB, $MDB, $DIS, $HUM (whether you hold for earnings or not, this will print good tendies)

For the bears: $NFLX, $SHOP, $TIF, $CVNA

For those with balls of steel (earnings plays)*:

  • Bullish: $Illumina (Monday), BJRI (), Groupon (Tuesday), PAYC (Tuesday), TWLO (Wednesday)
  • Bearish MCD (this Friday), SPOT (Wednesday), BOOT (Wednesday)

For the broke breddas (penny stocks):

  • For those too broke but who dream of affording an earnings play: $GRPN calls

*Keep in mind that EARNINGS PLAYS ARE RISKIER PLAYS, by default

**I’ll post in-depth DD on this during the weekend!


Disclaimer: Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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