Stocks DROP, Oil DROPS, Yield Curve INVERTS, China Sparks Huge Fears In Markets!

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Funny how the markets reacted to the trade issues completely different today than they did over the last few days, even though nothing has changed.

There is a considerable difference in between the activities we are seeing in the markets and what’s going on in the economy. Economically, we see perpetual weakness, with a small glimmer of hope. If growth can accelerate to astronomical levels and costs can be brought down dramatically, there is hope. Since neither of these will happen, the most likely scenario is that the Fed will print money and buy up anything and everything.


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Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

Dow drops, continuing this month’s slide on trade-war fears

China says trade talks can’t continue unless US addresses actions

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Deutsche Bank CEO Signals ‘Tough Cutbacks’ to Investment Bank – BNN Bloomberg

Crude Oil Prices Today |

Sven Henrich on Twitter: “It bears repeating: No central banker will ever give a heads-up about a coming downturn or crisis. Their job, above all, is to maintain confidence no matter what. Bernanke 2007: Subprime contained Powell 2019: Leveraged lending no threat” / Twitter

Fed minutes from May meeting: No rate moves are coming ‘for some time’




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