Stocks Most Overbought In History! The Level Of Absurdity Only Gets Worse. 2019 Was Bad And I Think We’re Going To Go Off The Deep End In 2020. What Euphoria! It’s Insane.

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Despite the stock market being significantly larger than the balance sheet of the Fed, it’s clearly apparent that every move they make has a direct and profound impact on what happens. Fed meetings have every investors on the edge of their seat, awaiting the next rate cut to soothe their anxiety. They need that drip to save them for another day. This cannot persist forever of course, but nobody cares about tomorrow, only today. The economy has been heading downward for a year or two depends which statistics you pull up. But none of that matters as long as the Fed is there to take care of us all.

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NY Fed term repos 1.1.2020.jpg (1037×640)

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Fed Adds $56.72 Billion to Markets for Calm Start to 2020 – WSJ

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Eurozone mfg PMIs..jpg (1133×527)

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Baltic index marks worst day in 6 years on waning demand – Reuters

Joakim Hannisdahl on Twitter: “Baltic Dry Index Falls 10.46% to 976 in London Capesize -16.47% to $11,976 Panamax -13.76% to $7,695 Supramax 58k tons -9.11% to $7,539 Handysize -9.21% to $6,410 #DryBulk #Shipping $GOGL $SBLK $GNK $DSX $SB $SALT $EGLE $GBLK” / Twitter

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US-class-8-truck-orders-yoy-change-FTR-2019-11.png (485×386)

2019-12-30_07-46-35.png (957×715)

Used Truck Sales Return to Downward Track – Equipment – Trucking Info

Investor-Fear-Greed-Index-122419.png (873×582)

Fear & Greed Index – Investor Sentiment – CNNMoney

Goldman Sachs is saying the economy is nearly recession-proof



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