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The Fed’s New Policy Risks a Return of the 1970s

On August 27, the Federal Reserve released an important revision to its monetary policy strategy, replacing 2 percent price inflation targeting—initially adopted in 2012—with a new approach in which the Fed will target an average inflation rate instead.

The Fed Promises More Dollar Destruction

If you thought the 2007–09 response by Bernanke & his Fed System was extraordinary, you have not been paying attention to what is currently happening under Powell’s watch. A zero interest rate policy, unlimited asset buying, Wall Street bailouts, & now guaranteed inflation. This is a never-ending monetary accommodation that leaves you asking:…

There’s a ‘Real Danger’ of China Developing Separate Finance Systems From the Rest of the World

“There is a real danger of China and … much of the rest of the world developing separate financial systems for things like payments of international debts and payments for trade,” he said.



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