Stocks that are Rising/Fallling And Why (7 Nov 2018)

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by NaturalHedgehog

Each day I go through the top rising and falling stocks today, and look for (a) what the company actually does, and (b) why the stock is moving so much. Hopefully this saves you some digging!

Below are my notes from 7 November 2018 as of mid-morning. (This list is limited to companies with market cap >$100 million, and also excludes VIX, short ETFs, etc, as these just reflect the market, rather than individual companies.)

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Today Company About Driving the stock
+23% Victory Capital Holdings (VCTR) Asset management company Acquiring USAA Asset Management
+21% Genomic Health (GHDX) Genetic research, specifically cancer detection Revenue/earnings beat
+21% Twilio (TWLO) Telecom (send SMS by API) Revenue/earnings beat
+21% SendGrid (SEND) Email delivery Soaring in-line with TWLO (which will buy SEND in an all-stock deal)
+20% Etsy (ETSY) Ecommerce marketplace for handmade goods Revenue/earnings beat
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Today Company About Driving the stock
-35% MiMex (MDXG) Pharma company Received de-listing notice from NASDAQ
-30% Infinera (INFN) Telecom equipment Revenue/earnings miss
-26% Diplomat Pharmacy (DPLO) Specialty pharmacy Revenue/earnings miss
-26% Audentes Therapeutics (BOLD) Drug developer Revenue/earnings miss
-24% BWX Technologies (BWXT) Nuclear fuel company Revenue/earnings miss

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