STOP THIS SPENDING BILL , HR – 1625 : Anti Gun , page 1982 – Tracking Chips and Databases on People page 1951- – CLOUD ACT page 2201 , Deep State Data SPYING Loopholes ….. Bill is ANTI – FREEDOM , 100 %.

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Pisses me off that Ryan talked GEOTUS into accepting this Spending bill. Too much bad shit and too much special interest cash. I would love if he vetoed this and shut everything down until they can get their shit together and present a proper spending bill

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American Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia just attached the CLOUD Act to the 2,232 page, must-pass omnibus package. It’s on page 2,201 without a single notice nor public hearing.

MESSAGE FOR: Every American Citizen – Some sneaky Georgia Congressman was just bribed to sell us all out with secret “CLOUD ACT” that gives cops & Big Brother the right to gather Any or ALL of our social media info without a warrant!

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