Streaming Craze Cools? 2 In 5 Canceling Subs…

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ELLISVILLE, Mo. — There’s no shortage of options when it comes to television and streaming these days. Most of these services offer exclusive content at an affordable monthly rate, but subscribe to more than a few and the cost can add up quickly. Consequently, a fascinating new survey reports more than two in five Americans (44%) plan on canceling at least one of their TV subscriptions over the next six months due to budgetary concerns.

Put together by digital TV antenna provider Mohu, the TV Viewership Index survey includes data from 1,200 American adults currently subscribed to at least one TV service. In all, the average person watches seven hours of TV each week, survey results show. More than a third (35%) admit they’re glued to their set for beyond seven hours weekly.

Putting financial concerns aside for a moment, the survey also finds most Americans (86%) upgraded their setup by purchasing a new TV over the past year. In fact, a good television-watching experience is so important to Americans that 64% purchased new home items, such as furniture, just to improve their setup.

Four in five also bought at least one streaming device, such as a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV. Meanwhile, 59% subscribe to more TV or streaming services today than a year prior, with 44 percent subscribed to four or more services….

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