Student Debt SKYROCKETS Causing Many MILLENNIALS To Consider Dropping Out!

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What do you think about school? Many people are choosing alternatives. What’s your opinion?

Many students have found themselves in massive amounts of debt. In polls, it is often the majority of students stating they will never be able to pay off their debt. That’s troublesome. See, the issue is that after student debt, many other issues come up in life. Credit cards, mortgages, and so much more. It only compounds. So what have many people decided to do instead?

U.S. Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2018 | Student Loan Hero

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77% of Canadian graduates have regrets about student debt: poll – National |

Student Loans Owned and Securitized, Outstanding | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Total Revolving Credit Owned and Securitized, Outstanding | FRED | St. Louis Fed


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