Students say US should open borders to migrant caravan, but can’t offer solid reasons why… Tucker Carlson: Media push narrative that caravan is not a threat

These are our best and brightest? Wow! The massive stranglehold that the leftists have had on our nation has really destroyed not just the country but the minds of the people.
These people are in college and yet they have a huge problem thinking rationally , using common sense , and understanding the huge impact that illegal immigration has had on our country.

These ignorant morans need to be put into a reality show style program where Pro-illegal immigration protestors are forced to live in a house that has limited resources and income and its split between the occupants. And each day an unchecked number of squatters start showing up living on their dime. Now just like real life the new people who decide to cross into their house(Nation) will vary from clinically insane to angry , to argumentative and so forth. Whenever any of the contestants of the show start complaining about new people taking their income, resources and living inside their house(Nation) at their expense they then get alienated and called racist.
There will also be many other SJW style penalties that the people will be subjected to when they do something that SJW’s deem bad than they get the nagging SJW treatment. (I wonder if this would allow reality to click in their head just how irrational and insane open borders are aswell as SJW behavior and the leftists agenda.

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I wonder if these people would understand that a Nation like a home cannot allow unlimited numbers of people to live off of the backs of the American taxpayers. Its also very dangers and thousands of innocent Americans black,white,hispanic,indian and so forth die each year as a result of illegal aliens!

Tucker Carlson: Media push narrative that caravan is not a threat


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