STUDY: Cell Phone Usage Can Damage Sperm Quality

BUSAN, South Korea — Men looking to start a family should spend less time on their phones, a new study warns. Researchers in South Korea have found that cell phone usage increases exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic waves that could damage sperm concentration, viability, and motility.

“​​Male cell-phone users should strive to reduce mobile phone use to protect their sperm quality,” says Yun Hak Kim, an assistant professor from Pusan National University, in a media release.

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Mobile phones emit low-level radiofrequency electromagnetic waves which can possibly damage the brain, heart, and endocrine system, according to previous research. A review of studies on radiofrequency electromagnetic waves from 2011 suggested these waves also reduce sperm quality. However, the data analysis focused on phones that are no longer in popular use today.


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