STUDY: Political Polarization In USA Reaching ‘Irreversible Tipping Point’…

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ITHACA, N.Y. — Talking politics during the holidays can turn family gatherings into hostile debates very fast. While most people eventually forgive and forget these political disagreements, is there a point of no return where Americans can no longer co-exist with each other? A new study by researchers at Cornell University finds there may be an actual “tipping point” where no issue imaginable can unite Republicans and Democrats again.

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Their findings reveal that at this point, extreme polarization becomes irreversible. The team’s predictive model for measuring the behavior of a polarized political group — like the current U.S. Senate — shows that even an attack by a foreign power or another pandemic would not heal the political divide.

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“Instead of uniting against a common threat, the threat itself becomes yet another polarizing issue,” says lead author Michael Macy, director of the Social Dynamics Laboratory in the College of Arts and Sciences, in a university release.


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