Study: Trump TV Coverage 91% Negative

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by Chris Black

If you’re a news hound like yours truly, this may not seem like breaking news to you, but what’s interesting is that despite Donald Trump’s first year in office which proved to be a boon for the rich cats (the stock market breaking record after record, the economy booming, jobs coming back, unemployment at historic lows, juicy tax cuts for corporations etc.), who by the way also own the mainstream media, 2018 seems to look a lot like 2017 in terms of the TV networks’ incredibly biased and hostile approach to the POTUS. According to a recent study courtesy of Media Research Center, which analyzed the evening news casts for the last couple of months (January and February) of NBC, CBS and ABC (I wonder what would’ve happened if they’ve included Clinton News Network too in their analysis), these networks made 10 times more negative comments about President Trump than positive statements. To no one’s surprise, the networks covered obsessively the nothing-burger also known as the Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which dwarfed all other (positive) topics, such as the economy, jobs and so forth and so on.
The  Media Research Center study analyzed 505 evening stories that focused on the Trump administration or the POTUS himself in January and February (2018). Almost 25% of the 851 total minutes of air-time devoted to Trump’s administration were spent on the Russia collusion investigation, thus completely swamping other topics that actually affect the life of the average taxpayer, such as immigration reform, the economy or gun control.
It’s no wonder that the left wing corporate mainstream media has abysmal ratings, but they don’t seem to care much about it, because their revenue comes from somewhere else, not from the free market. It really makes you think, isn’t it? Getting back to our story, since the Donald entered the White House in January 2017, these three TV networks have spent 1438 minutes (combined) in their evening newscasts on Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation, which translates into 21 percent of their coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency. For the last two months,  NBC, CBS and ABC news coverage of Trump’s administration focused obsessively on tabloid issues, more drama if you like, such as domestic abuse scandals (Rob Porter), Michael Wolff’s fictional book about the Trump White House scandals, the POTUS’ alleged comments on African nations (the shithole thing), among many other non stories, everything aimed at thrashing Trump’s presidency at all costs and by any means necessary, to quote a famous leftist mantra. To put things into perspective, during the same period, the networks coverage of essential policy issues for the American people (the government shutdown, immigration reform, gun control, tax reform et al) amounted to 37% of Donald Trump’s coverage. The fight against Islamic terrorism (the defeat of ISIS/al Qaeda), the strong economy, jobs and the positive impact of tax reform were basically ignored.  The negative spin on evaluative statements about President Trump and his administration’s top officials continued, with 91 percent of the evaluative comments made by the networks’ anchors being negative and just 9 percent positive. These figures are essentially identical to Trump’s 90% negative coverage in 2017, and also match the 2016 general election campaign figures (91% negative coverage).
Some may argue that the left wing media is basically copying Fox News, that went all bad all the time during Barack Obama’s 2 terms into office. However,  there’s a small difference: the economy and the country are flourishing under Trump, while it was barely surviving under Obama. And speaking of 90% negative coverage, I’m actually surprised the positive number is so high. I haven’t yet seen any MSM story with a positive slant on President Trump (the only exception was the rocket attack on Syria from last year), but the year is still young.

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8 thoughts on “Study: Trump TV Coverage 91% Negative

  1. It’s amassing that 50% of the country is smart enough to know what is happening even with the ALL negative ALL the time coverage. With the clueless young ones and illegals comin on line it is ALL over in the near future. Enjoy livin in a Socialist Utopia like Venezuela. keep those pets fat. You will be eatin em before too long!

  2. Of course all the Never-Trumpers will say that they’re just doing their job and it’s 91% negative coverage because 91% of what Trump does is negative.
    Would be nice to have a similar number for the Bush years because most Never-Trump Democrats I know would have a really hard time arguing Bush was 90% positive (yet that’s what I felt the press coverage of him was).

  3. They dont respect elections and they are showing their true faces … i hope many working people realizes the tv propaganda they are submitted !!!!

  4. ALL of these political polls and score-keepers have only ONE purpose … to sway public opinion NOT to reflect it. These are the same people whose “polls” predicted a big win for Hillary. IGNORE THEM! The fake newsers really believe that if they keep publishing the same damnable lies, over and over and over again … people will believe them! NOT TRUE … that stupid little game only works with liberals.

  5. I can’t think of anything good to say about him. Is tax reform giving more money to the rich?

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