Suburbs plunged into darkness as blackouts hit Sydney, with entire east coast under threat of outages

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by Boo_Randy

Australia’s globalist Quisling government let Enron-style energy pirates take over the nation’s power grid as part of their “financialization of everything” to extract maximum wealth from the sheeple – but when your grids are maximized for “shareholder value” instead of reliability, bad things tend to happen. Watch and learn, ‘Muricans. Central banks can’t print power.

Millions of homes were told to switch off appliances to conserve electricity as the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) warned of outages.

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Entire suburbs were plunged into darkness last night as power outages hit Australia’s east coast.

Areas in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and north of the city were affected, after energy officials warned that huge swathes of New South Wales and Queensland were facing the threat of losing power.

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