Sudden disappearance of hundreds of homeless people from Salt Lake City

by kibufox


So, I live in Utah, and know some homeless people… well former homeless. They have since gotten housing. A couple told me that there was some seriously strange stuff going on in regards to the homeless; and I started to do some digging. They weren’t kidding.

Apparently, in the past year, a large number (hundreds it seems) of seemingly random homeless people are vanishing off the face of the earth. Talking with some people in regards to this, the story always seems to be the same. One day, the person is there, the next they’re simply gone. It seems to be happening at random too, with no specific rhyme or reason to it.

Here’s some articles and videos on the subject:

We are primarily funded by readers. Please subscribe and donate to support us! Note: the man in the top photo of this, is one of the men who have gone missing. He walked away from his spot to get cigarettes, leaving his dog with his best friend… and simply never came back. The dog was his life and he went everywhere with him, and wouldn’t just suddenly leave.

This one poses a theory as to what’s going on:

Police claim that they’re investigating it, but no real move is being made to put serious work into this. It’s like they don’t really care, so long as these people vanish. Now, there could be a simple, easy explanation to it… but personally I have to wonder.

One man I spoke with about this noted that the same thing happened prior to the winter olympics back in 2002. Back then, the vanishings seemed tied to the olympics bid, and then slowly petered off after the olympics were held in the city. Salt Lake is in the running for the 2030 Olympics… and the disappearances are happening again. Coincidence?


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