Sugar Cures Wound Infections Doctors Find

I just read the below article from about using regular sugar to treat infected wounds. It even has directions on how to use it from medical professionals. Multiple Studies to back it up.

Everyone here should read this because one of the first things those who have survived SHTF say is to have lots and lots of product to disinfect and treat wounds. Antibiotics become scarce. Or maybe you just can’t afford, or can’t reach medical care. Sugar is cheap, storable, and has many other uses so keeping extra wont be wasting money.

I work in an ER. Having a way to treat infected would effectively is imperative, and if war or some other catastrophe goes down meds are the first thing gone.

The experts are puzzled as to why it works, but duh!!! Anybody who cans their own food will tell you that sugar is a PRESERVATIVE. It’s not just used in canning as flavor, but it also will prevent low acid foods from growing deadly bacteria like botulism. Sugar is the reason fruits can just be hot water canned and doesn’t need to be put in a pressure cooker. The natural sugars stop the growth of the bad stuff.

They tested the use of sugar on 22 patients with sloughy or necrotic wounds. Two of them were infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a superbug known for being resistant to many existing antibiotics. Meanwhile, another seven patients had insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. After applying sugar, the team found that all wounds were clean or debrided after an average of 11.13 days. Meanwhile, blood sugar levels remained stable in the diabetic patients.



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