Summary of the COVID agenda

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by Chris Black

Virus lethality:

Statistics throughout the West indicate that…

– COVID has a 99.9% survival rate for all people under 70.

– COVID has a 99.98% survival rate for healthy people under 70.

– COVID has a 99.993% survival rate for healthy people under 60.

– COVID has a 99.9993% survival rate for healthy people under 40

– ~90% of COVID deaths are among people with pre-existing medical conditions.

– Over ~80% of COVID deaths are among the over 70s.

– Only ~7% of COVID deaths are among the under 60s.

– COVID isn’t literally “just the flu” but, for all intents and purposes, it is a slightly worse version of the flu.

Death/case statistics:

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– Many COVID tests are not reliable, leading to overinflated case numbers.

– Death statistics are massively overinflated in most countries due to being recorded as deaths “with COVID” and not “from COVID.”

– In many countries, people who die within weeks or even months of a “positive” COVID test is recorded as a COVID death, regardless of the actual cause of death.

“Protective” measures:

– Masks are essentially useless.

– Masks cause psychological and physical harm.

– Lockdowns are absolutely useless.

– Lockdowns are being used to strategically destroy the Middle Class and small business, while enriching the elite.

– Vaccines will not stop the virus, no matter how many “boosters” people take.

– Vaccines were never necessary to stop the virus.

– Vaccines cause ADE / disease enhancement, making people more likely to die from various diseases.

– Vaccines causes heart failure and have killed and maimed countless people worldwide.

– Elites only want to “vaccinate” the masses to implement “vaccine passports”, ostensibly to track who has been “vaccinated.”

– “Vaccine passports” are digital identities.

– Forcing everyone to use a “digital identity” is the lynchpin of the New World Order social credit system, based on the Internet of Things, which will soon evolve into the Internet of Bodies.

You best start believing in gargantuan conspiracies — you’re in one.


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