Super Spreader! The confirmed covid-19 case from NRW/Germany did attend a carnival session! His wife a kindergarden teacher

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They attended a carnival session where hundreds!! of other attendees had a typical party.
And his wife is a kindergarden teacher. They also have two kids!

The guy is in a grave condition, fighting for his life.

How many hundreds (including children) did they spread the virus to?

He had had an “infinite number of contacts” with other people in the past 10 to 14 days.

In addition, there are other suspicious activity reports: The man was at the University Hospital Cologne on February 13 and 19 because of another illness for outpatient aftercare, and was in contact with 31 patients and 10 clinic employees. All of them are currently either in domestic isolation or in the university clinic.

After a kindergarten teacher is infected with the novel corona virus, all children in the affected facility in the Heinsberg district are to be examined for the virus.

“Tests are being made now and we will know sometime tomorrow whether children are infected or not,” said NRW Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) in Düsseldorf on Wednesday. The children from the facility and their parents were asked to stay at home. According to dpa information, the infected woman worked in the kindergarten until last Friday.

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