Supermarkets put security tags on ‘high value’ items cheese, meat and BABY MILK as cost-of-living crisis drives thefts…

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Now Lurpak nears a TENNER a pack: 1kg tub is spotted on sale in Iceland for eye-watering £9.30 while supermarkets put security tags on ‘high value’ items cheese, meat and BABY MILK as cost-of-living crisis drives thefts

  • Photos posted to social media showed £3.99 blocks of cheddar on shelves in Aldi with electronic tags fitted
  • Other images showed £8 lamb chops in Co-Op and cans of baby milk in Tesco with security tags on them 
  • Price of a 750g pack of Lurpak’s lightly salted spreadable butter in Sainsbury’s has risen from £5.90 to £7.25
  • The luxury butter brand, first produced in Denmark in 1901, has become a staple for millions of households 
  • Sainsbury’s boss Simon Roberts said pressure on budgets ‘will only intensify’ in the rest of this year 
  • What products is YOUR local supermarket tagging? Send pictures to 
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A large tub of Lurpak is now close to £10 in one major supermarket, it was revealed today, as it emerged shops have started putting anti-theft devices on staples such as cheese, meat and baby milk because they are classed as ‘high value’.

Shoppers took to social media to share pictures of security tags on £3.99 blocks of Aldi cheddar and £8 lamb chops in a nearby Co-op store in Wolverhampton because people are stealing them due to the cost of living crisis.

And with food inflation now running at more than 11 per cent, a 1kg pack of Lurpak is being sold in an Iceland for an extraordinary £9.30, as one shopper was banned from going into any Co-op store in Cambridgeshire after he stole meat, washing up products, coffee and ice cream worth more than £460 from three stores.


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