Surveillance Footage Released: Stephen Paddock at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas

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The NY Times has obtained and released an assemblage of surveillance footage of Stephen Paddock making repeated trips into the Mandolay Bay Hotel with an excessive amount of luggage. The narrative here is that he was the sole individual responsible for committing the worst mass shooting in US history. It still doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t buy the narrative — I don’t believe he carried out the attack.

I have a few issues with the video presented.

-The narrator says that Paddock goes back to Mesquite and returns with bags. However according to Police reports he would return with bags only minutes after leaving (though he did return home to Mesquite multiple times)

  • Paddock buys a bolt action rifle, takes it to the gun range, and then returns to Vegas. Why buy a gun you have no intention of using? If he planned to escape, why didn’t he take the elevator? Nobody knew who he was. He could have literally walked out the front door.
  • Paddock was apparently a regular, and staff members knew him. Is this the only time he has moved a copious amount of luggage through the hotel or was this a unique incident? Other footage from other stays may provide an answer to this.
  • He uses multiple vehicles
  • He booked rooms in another hotel. Is there footage from the other hotel, or records that he ever checked in?
  • The video depicted him as a total loaner, however police records indicate that on more than one occasion during his stay, he ordered 2 entrees. Why do that if you’re alone?
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These videos are helpful, but left out of context they don’t tell the whole story.

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