SURVEY: Half Young Adults Think One-Night Stands Thing Of Past… Two-Thirds Embracing ‘Virtual Intimacy’

NEW YORK — Sometimes, it can be rough being single. Now, a new study finds it can be downright unbearable during a pandemic. Nearly half of young, single Americans haven’t been physically intimate with someone since the pandemic began.

As a result, more than half of young, single Americans say they’ve turned to virtual sexual intimacy more than ever before. That’s according to a survey of 2,900 single or casually dating Americans between 18 and 40 years-old.

Although 42 percent of respondents are open to physical intimacy after the pandemic and feel excited to get back out into the dating scene and meet new people, two-thirds plan to continue being just as virtually intimate after the pandemic as they were during. This includes relying on video chats (61%), sexting (54%), and phone sex (47%).

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In fact, 64 percent of singles agree that being virtually intimate during the pandemic changed what they consider intimacy to be. Nearly six in 10 (57%) now place a higher value on other types of intimacy, like emotional or intellectual intimacy, while 45 percent find less value in physical connections.

Commissioned by Plenty of Fish and conducted by OnePoll, the study also finds that these changes in behavior and mindset are likely to be long-lasting. Moreover, 61 percent of singles believe sexting will be even more popular after the pandemic than it was before.


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