Susan Rice Is Not Trusted In Washington – I Predict She Is Charged With Espionage.

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by Pamela Williams
No one trusts Susan Rice in Washington,  and there are a group of Trump Transition Team Members, along with Senator Lindsey Graham, and Rand Paul requesting  a hearing from Rice on the unmasking of Trump and his Transition Team.
Rice has a troubling past as far as her ability to tell the truth.  But I have to say Obama’s influence seems to have ruined her.   He asks her for the compilation of intelligence on the Trump Team, and she risks her own well being to get it.  Judge Napolitano says she had a right to do that as National Security Advisor, but no one had the right to unmask names of American citizens and widely disseminate those names within the network.  However, that was Obama’s intention.
But like Dr.Evelyn Farkas said they were trying to spread the names and information all over Capitol Hill.  Were they really that uninformed not to know this was a federal crime with a 10 year prison sentence? So as far as I am concerned Rice needs to share a jail cell with Farkas.  Obama skipped out to his private island and left this situation to fall on his underlings.
Marcia Blackburn says to remember what Rice said about Bengahzi.  Rice went on national TV and told America that the horror of Benghazi occurred due to a video.  She had no problem in doing it. None of us will ever forget Benghazi; thus, we cannot accept Rice’s word unless it is proven.  In my opinion she must testify under oath.  Even then the way these people perjure themselves, it is difficult to believe them even then.
Blackburn said:  “And now you can look at this.  And she used a double negative, “I didn’t say nothing to nobody. That means she gave something to somebody. And we got three members of the Transition Team, Chris Collins, Lou Barletta and I.  We have a letter that is in to Congressman Nunes and Schiff and Senators Warner and Burr and yes we want her to come up here.  She needs to say if she unmasked the names of American citizens.  If she unmasked the names of members of Congress.  She knows this is a crime and she needs to come in.  She does not need to be fearful.  If she did nothing wrong she need not be fearful.”
I feel at this time, we might be hopeful that Blackburn will get results.  She is very angry, and I think Nunes will be subpoena Rice.  He could do that if she does not come in.  But, remember, in the Clinton investigation, some of them even ignored a subpoena.  The whole system is coming unglued, and no one is doing anything about it.  But if it were you or me, we would be picked up by law enforcement. It is time they prove to the American people they can take care of their mess in Washington.

As Susan Rice faces growing calls to testify under oath, the former Obama administration official now accused of ordering the unmasking of Trump officials under surveillance is suggesting that she never did so for political purposes, and that it is sometimes “necessary” for investigative purposes.
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a member of both the Senate Judiciary and Select Committee on Intelligence, suggested in a tweet earlier Tuesday that Rice “needs to testify under oath.”
He included a link to a Wall Street Journal piece “Susan Rice Unmasked,” a report that suggests Rice had sought the name of at least one Trump official in intelligence reports at a time when reports on Russia were reportedly being circulated broadly, according to a former intelligence official.
Responding to the accusation, Rice suggested in an interview on Tuesday that she “absolutely” did not order the unmasking of individuals for political purposes, and suggested that sometimes such a request would be necessary for an investigation.
“The allegation is that somehow Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,” Rice told MSNBC, “that is absolutely false.”
Two prominent Republican senators on Tuesday called for Congress to investigate former national security adviser Susan Rice for allegedly “unmasking” Team Trump officials who were “incidentally” caught on surveillance by US spy agencies.
“I’m not going to prejudge here, but I think every American should know whether or not the national security adviser to President Obama was involved in unmasking Trump transition figures for political purposes,” Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) told Fox News. “It should be easy to figure out, and we will.”
He then took a pointed shot at Rice over her much-mocked performance on national TV the Sunday after the attacks on the US compound in Benghazi, Libya, in which she repeatedly — and incorrectly — blamed an anti-Muslim video for what she called a spontaneous protest.
“When it comes to Susan Rice, you need to verify, not trust,” Graham said.

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34 thoughts on “Susan Rice Is Not Trusted In Washington – I Predict She Is Charged With Espionage.

  1. Rice is protected by Hitlery, therefore she won’t be charged with anything. Unless maybe they think they have to sacrifice some pawn to save their higher-ups, but I don’t think they see that need.
    They seem to be getting away with everything including making people believe the surveillance never happened, so why would they even sacrifice a pawn?

    • I truly believe at this time, due to the chaos on Capitol Hill, Rice stands a good chance of being charged with espionage. Lets hope I am right.

      • Yes, let’s hope… I just don’t think it’s likely.
        Chaos most of the time works out in favor of “them”.

    • Rice is also protected by her female and black privilege. For liberal worms, everything is about race and victim hood.

    • Have no fear of Pickles, the Trumpster will send her scurrying back to her hole in the woods soon. What the Libturds never planned on was the Trumpster following through with promises. They also thought that if they dug up dirt it would silence him. It didn’t because he cares about the country above his transgressions. Takes a strong person to stand on principle and take the beating for the right thing to do.

  2. My opinion on this is that they were so brazen because they never thought Hillary would lose in the first place. If you listen to what she’s said she’s minced her words and I’ll give you a perfect example. As Susan Rice faces growing calls to testify under oath, the former Obama administration official now accused of ordering the unmasking of Trump officials under surveillance is suggesting that she never did so for political purposes, and that it is sometimes “necessary” for investigative purposes. There was no intelligence need for this “unmasking” and even if their were that would have been ordered by the investigative agencies themselves and not a member of the administration. Typhoid Mary sure does have a lot to answer for!

  3. The audacity of the Obamaites…their nefarious activities against their political opponents and the American citizenry are coming home to roost.

    • Karma’s a b*tch at times, especially, at this time. Nobody can escape it, as Karma affects everyone around the world. The what goes around, comes around mantra of Karma is now catching up with former Obama officials.

  4. “Blackburn said: . . . She needs to say if she unmasked the names of American citizens. If she unmasked the names of members of Congress. She knows this is a crime and she needs to come in.”
    Wrong! WrongWrongWrong! How stupid can this woman be? Does she even understand what the word means. Look, it works this way. You get a LEGAL counter-espionage wire tap approval. You do a wire tap of the foreign person. The foreign person engages in a phone call with a telephone at the other end that is in the US. At this point in time, the US intelligence people HAVE NO IDEA who that person is. Based on the content of the call, the US intelligence agencies, if tasked to do so by a person with the authority to do so, attempts to determine the identity of the person in the US at the other end of the call from the foreign target. This is called unmasking. Susan Rice, as National Security Advisor to the President, HAS the authority to so instruct the intelligence agencies. How on Earth would she have ANY idea who these people are BEFORE you do the investigation? And would you NOT want to know who the Russian intelligence agencies are talking to in the US about things which appear to be interference in a US national election? Of course you want to know or you aren’t doing your job. So either Blackburn is a complete idiot or she is really evil spreading lies. I vote for idiot. Not to say she wouldn’t also be evil if she had the brains.

    • Susan Rice had the right in her position of National Security Chief to look at intelligence, but that is where her right stopped. No one has the right to unmask American citizens and widely disseminate their names for everyone in Washington to see. The is a felony with 10 years of prison. The surveillance of Trump and his Transition team had nothing to do with Russia, it had to do with Obama’s team spreading what they could to ruin Trump. She will get what she deserves. Mark my words.

      • Absolutely correct that it is illegal to disseminate classified info to a non-cleared person. HOWEVER, that is NOT what Williams claims is illegal, and there is zero evidence that Rice did that. So it is still the work of an idiot or a slimeball to claim what Williams claims.

        • Are you talking about me? Hey, it is illegal to unmask the names of American citizens incidentally surveilled and to widely disseminate those names. It is a felony with a 10 year sentence. Susan Rice has a right to ask for the information, but she did not have the right to leak classified material and unmask American citizens all over Washington and to the news media!

          • And you have ZERO evidence that she did so. Point to one person who claims that she did who has actual knowledge of the situation. One person who says they received a name from her. One person that saw something she wrote that went to a person not authorized to receive it. Not speculation like yours that she “must” have done something, EVIDENCE.

          • The person who has the evidence…the records of her signing in and out requesting NSC surveillance on Trump is Cohen-Watnick who was performing the review of the records.

          • Oh good lord; are you incurably dense or deliberately obtuse? I asked you who has proof she passed on the names of the people who were unmasked to unauthorized people (illegal), NOT who has information that she requested they be unmasked (legal, and something everyone knows is true). Can you grasp the difference? Or are you just a Trump troll or Russian disinformation person? Or just stupid?

          • Listen up, Tax Guy .. Casara’s entirely right. It’s you who’s the stupid one. Quit your ad hominem attacks which are, indeed, lies and slander. You don’t want to see the EVIDENCE that’s already out there on Susan Rice’s unmasking of American citizens – a felony punishable by 10 years’ prison time. Have you heard of Cohen-Watnick, who’s been performing the review of those records? He’s the guy who’s gathered the EVIDENCE against Rice. Now, leave Casara alone and STFU,

          • How dense can you idiots be!!! Read the post again! Asking for the names of the person who was on the other end of a tapped call from a Russian operative is NOT!!, REPEAT NOT!!! a felony if you are the National Security Advisor to the President. If it were, do you think the intelligence agencies would have gone along with it? Putting aside that Cohen-Watnick is totally unqualified to run a hot dog stand, it WOULDN’T MATTER WHO LOOKS, IT’S NOT ILLEGAL. Get this through your thick skull: unmasking is NOT a crime, no matter how many times you repeat that. And if you think it is, give me cite to the US Criminal Code that states that. What IS a crime is taking that information and disseminating it to a non-authorized person. So let me put this in all caps so it might penetrate your brain: SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE THAT SUSAN RICE DISSEMINATED THE NAMES OF THE US PERSONS WHO WERE UNMASKED TO A PERSON WHO WAS NOT AUTHORIZED TO RECEIVE THAT INFORMATION. If you can’t do that STFU yourself.

          • I also found this really interesting article about you. So, are you a real person who is an anti-Semite, or are you another one of the paid Russian propaganda trolls? If you are a troll you really seem to be doing damage to the REAL Eileen Kuch’s reputation. Seems an odd combination of liberal environmental activism and rabidly anti-Semitic, pro-Russian and pro-Trump ranting. I vote for the troll conclusion. I think everyone on this discussion should ignore you. Also, you have almost 5,000 posts. That sounds like someone doing this full time. You ought to change aliases periodically.

  5. Do what ever it takes to take Trump down. Unmasking. No problem. When Hillary is elected we will just sweep it under the rug. Then the boogie man pops up.

  6. “Espionage” Why does anyone propose “hearings”. Hearings, as evidenced by the email probe, end up offering immunity deals in exchange for testimony. Screw that. Have the FBI arrest her, quite publicly, hold her under the espionage statutes and let her stew for a few days in an orange jumpsuit before offering her a ‘deal’ were she to roll over on ‘others’.

  7. When she wears Orange Pajamas, I’ll buy it. Until then, I say she will skate. After all, this is the Great Gulag of the United Soviet Socialist Satanic Stasi States of Amerika, Komrades! Those in power now or before have total immunity and are above the law. Think not? Well, just take a close look at the Klintonistas – both are career billionaire criminals. Need I say more?

  8. nothing will happen to wild brown rice she is a double minority a negro woman. stop the bullshit nothing will happen

  9. Rice won’t face any charges for ANYTHING! LOL! Let alone espionage! As Hillary has proven…there simply are no consequences for Democrats who break the law. COME ON!

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