Susan Rice: Just Another Corrupt Liberal Hack!

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
Photo published for Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials
Former Obama security adviser, Susan Rice made headlines today after it was discovered by White House intelligence agents that she requested the ‘unmasking’ of President Trump’s transition team members. Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake reported that Rice’s dishonorable actions were brought to light during a National Security Council review of the government spying on American civilians. This occurrence is not dissimilar to when Donna Brazile leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the second Presidential debate. Apparently, Democrats are so intimidated by their competition that they are reduced to using underhanded tactics to achieve victory. What happened to Michelle Obama’s infamous quote “When they go low, we go high?”

Rice’s conduct has sparked much discussion about how ethical her requests were. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tweeted about a “smoking gun” and noted Rice’s spying on the Trump campaign. CIA analyst Nada Bakos argued that Rice’s position as the National Security Advisor granted her leeway to conduct surveillance and stated that her actions were neither ‘odd or wrong.’ Would Bakos would share the same sentiments if Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster ordered surveillance on Obama? Probably not. The existing double standards in the Democrat Party are disgusting. Government officials should never be permitted to spy on their political foes. Rice is a prime example of a shady politician who fancies herself as above the law.
Those who know the history of Susan Rice should not be shocked by her actions. Rice unfortunately has a history of political corruption and duplicity. She lied about the Benghazi attacks, stating that they were engendered by an online video, instead of radical Islamic terrorism. Susan Rice and Donna Brazile, like many Democrats in power, are dishonorable and unfit to occupy any powerful position, especially in government.

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