Suzanna Hupp is a survivor of the Luby’s massacre where 23 people were killed, including both of her parents. Instead of fighting for stricter gun laws, Hupp has fought for less regulation, arguing that she would have been able to stop the gunman if she was allowed to concealed carry.

with all of the talk about gun control after recent mass shootings, it’s refreshing to see a survivor have an entirely different perspective than what we’ve seen from other survivors. The media doesn’t talk about this side of the argument, and I don’t think people ever give this side enough consideration. Hupp discussed not only her experience and why she believes what she does, but also the purpose of the 2nd amendment that many people in America have outright dismissed. It was created to serve as protection for the people against an oppressive and tyrannical government; the fact that people are killed by unstable shooters has no relevance to why we have the right in the first place

h/t tjeff_2020