Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir Rabani found dead tonight as he's about to expose Soros org.

Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir Rabani found dead tonight under strange circumstances.
This comes just as he is investigating and exposing well known communist Robert Aschberg & far-left org. Expo which is funded by SOROS

Recently, he released the documentary series “In the Shadow of the Shadow”, which deals with all rapes that affect Swedish women..
His last project was a review by Robert Aschberg, director of left extremes expo – a left-wing extremist organization.. “After my visit to Aschberg, my Facebook accounts were permanently closed. This has never happened before. And the text below the report was deleted everywhere on facebook. Our website has also been under attack. The report will be coming soon and probably the first ever to review Aschberg. Look out for the days and spread as much as you can” wrote Bechir Rabani in a blog post on December 7th. He promised yesterday new information about Robert Aschberg..
Seems he had some paedophilia related info on Aschberg..