Switzerland Central Bank Bought THESE Stocks as Market Was CRASHING in 2018!

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Ah yes. The central banks. Always saving the day. They manipulate the monetary system and destroy any value in the currency. The race to the bottom is on. Every country is ruined, some more than others. But central banks are behind all of this and we must not forget that. Do not be fooled by the media (Alternative included) that point fingers in one direction or another. They point to who they believe will save them. But of course the globalist elite have maintained dominance for literally thousands of years. There is no changing that. I was told stories as a child too. Santa comes down the chimney. Tooth Fairy brings you money. But for God’s sakes people wake up. If the general public knows their name, they’re nothing but pawns.

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Switzerland has a central bank that operates as a hedge fund. They seek profit. Over the years, they aggressively bought US equities and profited greatly. It seems as though in the 4th quarter of 2018, they lost a considerable percentage of their portfolio’s value due to the crash in equity prices, particularly the tech shares they own. That didn’t seem to stop them from buying more however.

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EDGAR Filing Documents for 0001582202-19-000001


Swiss National Bank Top Holdings 13F Filings


Swiss National Bank – 13F Filing History – Fintel.io


Swiss National Bank – 13F Filing – December 31, 2018 – Fintel.io




Swiss National Bank





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