“Synchronized Global Decline” Bad for World, Good for Gold – Eric Sprott

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Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap-Up

March 8, 2019

The latest U.S. unemployment report is in (spoiler alert: it’s not good), the European Union moved to continue QE, and China made a surprising announcement. All this, and—finally!—a new CoT report. What does it all mean for precious metals? Eric Sprott joins us once again to break down the week’s gold and silver news.

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In this edition of the Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

  • What the surprising U.S. jobs numbers mean for gold
  • Why the GLD is being “raided”
  • Plus: the positive gold news coming out of China

“It’s worth thinking about this funny situation we have in the world, where everyone’s solution to economic weakness is printing money. The Chinese did it in January. The ECB did it. Obviously, the Fed has changed their strategy here. And it’s something that will have unintended consequences. You just can’t print money to solve problems… Who’s going to pay [the debt]?”

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