T-Dazzle! Inflation Crushing Households Under $60k, Russian CDS Indicating 99% Probability Of Russia Debt Default Over Next Year (WTI Crude UP 2%+, Wheat UP 3%+)

by confoundedinterest17

As we are painfully aware, The Fed’s exaggerated monetary flood combined with Federal stimulus spending has led to horrible inflation.

Yes, despite what government talking heads say, Federal stimulus increases demand for goods, the supply is generally slow to respond resulting in rising prices. Then government policies driving up energy prices also leads to highers prices. Throw in Federal Reserve monetary stimulypto and we have this chart from hell from Penn-Wharton. The chart shows that households earning less that $60,000 experience higher expenses due to rising prices than their gain in earnings.

Speaking of the government push to “go green” I saw an ad for a Mercedes Benz EQ sedan that I admit looked really cool, but no price given. I went to Car and Driver’s website and it said “Starting at $103,360.” I’ll take a hard pass, but you can see why households making over $150,000 per year have rising additional expenses due to price increases. To paraphrase April Ludgate, “Thanks for nothing President Biden and Fed Chair Powell.”

Another chart from hell is the Russian USD Credit Default Swap (CDS) curve. It is spiking at over 20,000.

The one-year Russian CDS is currently at a whopping 20,336 indicating that there is about a 99% of a Russian default over the coming year. As someone who lived through the 1998 Russian credit default scare on Wall Street, this will send a shock wave through credit and Treasury markets.

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On the US Treasury front, this chart shows how steeply sloped the US Treasury actives curve has become. Steep until 3 years, then flat. I call this chart “T-Dazzle!” T-Dazzle because I can’t believe how badly the Biden Administration and The Federal Reserve are screwing up the country.

Crude oil? WTI Crude is back to almost $100 per barrel while Brent Crude is at $102.78 per barrel. Wheat is up 3.22% thanks largely to problems related to Russia invading Ukraine (Europe’s bread basket) and a dismal Chinese wheat harvest.

Cryptocurrencies, the alternatives to the US fiat dollar, are rising (in particular, Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Of course, I have to finish up with the soaring 30-year mortgage rate.

Here are Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg trying to convince people that Treasuries are fantastic and to avoid alternatives to fiat currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin or anything else.



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