Joe Biden has praised George W. Bush (Liberty Medal), Dick Cheney (“I actually like Dick Cheney for real […] he’s a decent man”), Mike Pence (“decent guy”), Strom Thurmond (eulogy), Jesse Helms (“only Helms can fix the U.N.”), & William Barr (“heck of an honorable guy”; “one of the best” U.S. AGs)

by no-militarism George W. Bush, Laura Bush Awarded Liberty Medal Amid Protests From Veterans: [2018] Joe Biden: “I actually like Dick Cheney… I get on with him. I think he’s a … Read more

Michael Moore: “I am starting to detect from some of these DNC types that it’s actually more important that they save their old corrupt system full of hacks. That’s more important to them than getting rid of Trump.” – DNC chairman Tom Perez avoids Moore when questioned.

by upvoatz Jordan Chariton of “Status Coup” interviews Michael Moore to discuss recent events involving election rigging in Iowa. Moore discusses his thoughts and believes that establishment forces are conspiring to … Read more