So the ballots found in a rental car were blank? Anyone remember our buddy Scott Foval of “we have mentally ill people that we pay to do s–t” fame? What’s this? He’s talking about using rental cars to commit election fraud? Thank you Project Veritas.

This video shows trucks being loaded with ballots by people in personal cars. This video shows Police protecting one of the ballot trucks while it’s docked and it is impossible to see … Read more

If you see anyone suggest that it’s ‘only a theory’ that Soros conspires to erode borders, flood nations with migrants, or that he’s not colluding to shape international policy; here’s evidence.

by 999pillsonthefloor As an example of journalists whitewashing his involvement: To the surprise of no one, Infowars’ Alex Jones also got in on the conspiracy theory, saying the caravan was an example … Read more