Catalonia Crisis Escalating – Clashes Between Protesters and Police At Barcelona Airport- Spanish Government Sending National Police

More and more protesters are arriving at the BARCELONA airport even despite the fact that all access points have been closed due to the massive arrival of protesters: Pictures … Read more

Once you understand it, you’ll see it: US foreign aid to Ukraine from the Dept. of Energy increased from 8M in 2008 to an average of 90M PER YEAR between 2011 and 2014; in the same time Biden Jr., the Clintons, Schiff via buddy Pasternak and possibly Pelosi Jr. received a lot of cash from Ukraine…

by BlueSaltMiner   The total aid to Ukraine topped 516M in 2016. and will be reduced to 131M this Rudy: CNN&NYT keep falsely reporting that Bidens’ alleged crimes are unfounded … Read more

Recently released text messages between top US Diplomats reveal that the “PRESIDENT HAS BEEN CRYSTAL CLEAR NO QUID PRO QUO OF ANY KIND.”

Link to full document Dems: Wait. Quid pro quo isn’t the reason Trump should be impeached. It’s because he’s using foreign governments to meddle in our elections, to eliminate … Read more