Time to buckle up.

$SPX Time to buckle up. pic.twitter.com/HFSZ8Jg9HK — The Great Martis (@great_martis) May 6, 2021 $ARKK continues to get mutilated, considerably underperforming literally everything. The liquidity of this complex is illusory,

Buckle up…

twitter.com/VolatilityQ/status/1388146489881411585 Is this about today's monster selloff? pic.twitter.com/guY3SBQDQY — Hipster (@Hipster_Trader) April 30, 2021 $spx sentiment pic.twitter.com/4Z3DBjBIm0 — VIX Squared (@vixsquared) April 30, 2021 Derivative Contracts Held by Fed-Insured Banks

Buckle Up for Volatility?

By Lance Gaitan Stocks have struggled to make new highs in recent weeks. What’s going on with the economy? With the help of the Federal Reserve’s extraordinary policy measures, U.S. gross domestic product