The CIA Democrats

What could possibly go wrong!? An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates … Read more

Former Ex Cia Chief Boasting enough to tell us the Cia is Aerosol Spraying Says.. Trump ‘unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical’

Yes Brennen..Who declared at in this video Aerosol spraying will help the world… THE MASS PROGRAMING MEDIA MACHINE MOUTHPIECE Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Signs as MSNBC/NBC Contributor NOW WORKING … Read more

New Orleans Implemented a CIA Backed Predictive Policing Technology in Complete Secrecy in 2012 – Not even City Council Members knew about it

PALANTIR HAS SECRETLY BEEN USING NEW ORLEANS TO TEST ITS PREDICTIVE POLICING TECHNOLOGY The program began in 2012 as a partnership between New Orleans Police and Palantir Technologies, a data-mining … Read more

Sibel Edmonds & Douglas Valentine: CIA infiltrates & establishes terrorist groups to get the groups to perform terroristic acts. How the CIA, News Media, and Hollywood are one in the same thing. Valentine on Seymour Hirsch. The CIA's murder of Frank Olson. More

Sibel Edmonds and Douglas Valentine discuss how the CIA infiltrates & establishes terrorist groups to get the groups to perform terroristic acts and events! (So pernicious.) Doug and Sibel delve … Read more

Former CIA Director Admits to US Foreign Meddling, Laughs About It: The U.S. government has overthrown dozens of governments and rigged numerous foreign elections

Nice short little recap of some of the democratically elected governments overthrown by the US government. LAURA INGRAHAM: We don’t mess around in other people’s elections, Jim? JAMES WOOLSEY: Well… … Read more

Did you know that in 1996 CIA investigates itself regarding its alleged role in smuggling drugs through the Mena Intermountain Airport, finding no wrongdoing

The CIA was accused smuggling drugs through a small Arkansas airport with connections to then governor Bill Clinton. The CIA investigated itself (lol) finding no wrongdoing, claiming that their invovlement … Read more